As a motorbike rider, there’s no better feeling than the cold air brushing your face as you cruise down  the open road. However, with excitement comes risk; motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a road accident than those who drive cars.

Of course, you can follow the usual advice of wearing protective clothing and taking out good motorbike insurance, but another great way to improve your safety on the road is by taking an advanced motorcycle course.

There are a variety of advanced training courses available to motorcyclists; insurers actually encourage riders to take them, by offering discounts on motorbike insurance. So, consider updating your riding skills, particularly if you are a ‘born again biker’ and didn’t take the modern stringent road test. Although it can initially be a big cost, taking an advanced course does pay off, because it improves your safety on the road and keeps your bike in great condition.

We’ve provided a list of tips to show you the great benefits advanced training courses offer and hopefully encourage you to book a course today.

Improve road safety and prevent road accidents

It’s never time to stop learning and practising safe driving; the more you know about the road, the better. Roads are much busier nowadays and machines are generally much more powerful. Partaking in an advanced driver course teaches riders how to drive safely, at high speeds. This is why insurers encourage motorcycle drivers to take up an advanced driving course, because it teaches riders how to ride safely at all times, which then makes you less likely to be involved in a collision or crash.

Cost effective fuel consumption

Advanced instructors will teach you different riding techniques to keep your fuel consumption down; this benefits not only your bank balance, but the environment, too.

Smooth out your ride

When you’re out riding your bike on long, winding roads, you think about how good it feels and only until later on, do you realise the effect it has had on your bike’s performance. Advanced motorbike training courses teach riders safe driving techniques, to ensure those who have a need for speed drive safely and smoothly at all times.

Maintain your bikes pristine condition

When buying a motorbike, it’s in your best interest to maintain its original condition and the smoother the ride, the less damage you cause to your precious bike. Just because machines are much more reliable these days, that doesn’t mean you can skip routine maintenance, like lubricating and adjusting drive chains or checking brakes and lighting. Your instructor will teach you how to avoid wear and tear when driving on the road and improve your knowledge on simple steps that may have changed since passing your test.

Great insurance benefits

Insurers are always looking for ways to reward safe drivers; offering discounts on motorbike insurance for advanced drivers is a great way to encourage safe driving and get motorcyclists on board with the extra courses available. Simply contact your current insurer to see what they can offer if you book (and pass) an advanced motorcycle course.

This should not be constructed as advice and is guidance only.

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