This summer, we’ve been blessed with continuously sunny skies and warm temperatures, which means we take any chance we can get to be outside in the sunshine.

With the rush to make the most of the sun, brings a little bit of carelessness when it comes to checking on your house before you head out for the day.

Today, brings you top tips on what you should be checking before you swap the house for the park, this summer.

  1.         Check all windows are firmly closed and locked

This summer’s heatwave has had us opening windows left, right and centre and it can be easy to nip out in a hurry and forget to close them. However, if you were to be burgled and an intruder got into your home via an unlocked door or window, you may not be covered by your insurance company for the stolen items.

Before leaving your house, make a check of every window to ensure they’re not only closed, but locked too. After all, checking windows are shut is going to take a lot less time than replacing items that have been stolen as a result of a break-in, or the wind damaging them.

  1.         Switch off and unplug your fan

Turning fans off isn’t a problem we face that often in England; it’s usually heaters we have to remember to switch off. Nonetheless, with the summer heatwave leaving us feeling hot and clammy from morning until night, many have invested in one or more fan to keep us cool while relaxing at home.

You’re probably thinking, “is it dangerous to keep a fan on while I’m out?” and the answer to that is yes. Your friends may say they “leave fans on all the time”, but that doesn’t mean you should, too. If a fan is knocked over or the motor begins to overheat and burn, it can pose a great fire risk to your home and, more worryingly, it’s a problem you cannot control or keep an eye on if you are not home while it happens.

If you have a ceiling fan installed, it’s particularly important you turn it off while you are out, since the repetition of the blades going round for a long period of time could lead to the fan falling off, especially if it hasn’t been installed properly.

  1.         Check dripping taps

In the summer months, we tend to take more showers; the heat means we sweat more and therefore another shower is what we need to clean and cool ourselves down.

With more time spent in the shower, comes the chance to mistakenly leave taps running or showers leaking. It’s so easily done, especially when having a quick five-minute-cool-down shower, but the consequences can have a detrimental impact on your home. If you leave a tap running, it’s likely that your home will flood and the water will affect your personal possessions.

So, ensure you’re extra cautious when leaving your home this summer; with more applications on and windows being opened, there’s a lot more to remember when the weather warms up.

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This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.