After a wonderful break away, you revel in the memories you made, the experiences you had and the prospect of sleeping in your own bed at the end of a long day travelling.

That is until your flight flashes up on the departure board, stating it’s ‘delayed’. Then, you patiently await further information from the airport tannoy announcement and dread the added time you will be spending away from home, and away from the luxury holiday you’ve just left behind.

We at know how frustrating it can be when your flight is delayed. So, we’ve rounded up our top tips to help you cope:

Prepare for the unexpected

Flights can be unreliable, so it’s important to prepare for the unexpected before you head out to the airport and once you’ve arrived. For instance, if you’re low on the local currency before going to the airport, draw some cash out of the bank; don’t spend it all at once at duty-free.

Otherwise, you’re going to be at a loss if your flight ends up being delayed and you’re responsible for buying food, water, a magazine to keep you occupied, health products or whatever else it is you need during this extra time.

Check your travel insurance

There’s a reason you invest in a worthwhile travel insurance policy, to help you in the event of a delay like the one you are experiencing. Obviously, what you are entitled to depends wholly on the type of travel insurance you purchased for your trip.

Your travel insurance should actually take effect after a four-hour delay. So, grab your insurance provider’s details and get in contact with them to see what you are entitled to, and find out what paperwork you need to obtain to claim on your travel insurance policy.

Discover what you’re entitled to

It’s extremely frustrating being delayed at the airport, but what’s more frustrating is learning that you could’ve received a free meal or compensation if you had found out more about the situation at the time.

Usually, if you are delayed by over three hours you are entitled to a refund or ticket exchange. If your flight is delayed by under three hours, sadly, you cannot qualify for anything other than food vouchers, which can be available through your airline. Either way, approach the airline desk and ask what you are entitled to and what the latest update is with your plane’s arrival.

Also, remember not to take out your frustration on the airline crew assisting you; it’s not their fault this predicament has happened. The ruder you are to them during your delay, the less inclined they will feel to help you claim back money if you’re entitled to it – remember that.

Make the most of the time, instead of resenting it

If you’ve been told your flight is delayed, we agree – it’s beyond frustrating. In this situation, however, it’s best to stay positive. After all, if your flight is delayed, it’s out of your hands. You just need to accept the delay and make the most out of your remaining time in the airport.

Think of it this way, with the spare time you have you can explore duty-free, try on some new scents at the perfume counter, source some local delicacies from the airport’s shops and get stuck into that book you promised yourself you’d finish by the end of the holiday, but didn’t get round to.

This should not be construed as advice and is for informational purposes, only.