If you are planning on taking a holiday abroad, travel insurance should always be on your list of priorities before going away. If you are planning on taking part in activities and sports that have a high risk of injury, it’s absolutely vital you are insured.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to read that a skiing holiday will carry much more risk than your average sun, sea and sand venture to Tenerife. As a result, ski holidays require you to purchase some specialist cover to ensure you are protected both on and off the slopes.

Ski travel insurance will give you all the necessary cover you would require if you were going on a regular holiday, for example, if your luggage was lost or stolen. However, it also provides you with the additional coverage required for the extra expenses of a skiing holiday.

What does ski travel insurance cover?

Skiing holiday insurance covers you for eventualities such as the treatment of broken bones and any other injuries you may sustain while on the piste – yes, we did spell that right.

It is vital that, before signing up for one particular policy, you double check that said policy will cover you for everything you plan on doing while you are on holiday. If skiing is the primary purpose of your holiday, skiing holiday insurance is the best option for you. If you are travelling with somebody who isn’t planning on hitting the slopes and who just wants to relax at the lodge or spa, they would be much better off just taking out a standard travel insurance policy.

What doesn’t it cover?

You should bear in mind that there are certain factors that skiing travel insurance probably won’t cover. Activities like off-piste skiing may not be included in standard skiing holiday insurance, meaning you may need to invest in a more comprehensive policy if you are planning on some more robust winter sports.

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