Life is for living. While it’s important to make sure we take care of all the important details of life, such as ensuring we have a solid life insurance policy in place, it’s also important that we make time to enjoy our lives. We all know that our time on this planet is limited, which rightfully gives us an unquenchable thirst to make the most of it.

Each of us have a few things that, despite perhaps being vastly outlandish and unachievable, we like to aim to do before we die. There are a few things that many of our bucket lists have in common. Whatever the reason, a few things capture more people’s imaginations than others, and can be found on bucket lists across the country.

Here are the UK’s most common bucket list items:

Own a Holiday Home

Many people see this as the dream way to retire. A home away from home, overseas, that they can jet back and forth to throughout the year and regularly get an extended period of sunbathing. Unfortunately, it’s a dream which has suffered serious setbacks for many. The dream location for a holiday home varies from person to person, but those who were eyeing a home inside the EU have had to seriously reconsider since we voted to leave the European Union in 2016.

Fears about access to health care and concerns about the financial sustainability of living abroad due to the pound’s crash in value against the euro since the vote have moved this dream a bit further away from reality. This, however, hasn’t stopped it from being one of the most desired bucket list items in the country.

Learn a Language

Una delle cose più comuni che le persone nel Regno Unito vogliono fare prima di morire è riuscire a capire questa frase.

Can you understand a word of that? A high percentage of us certainly wish we could. Learning a new language is one of the UK’s most common bucket list items. At face value, it might not capture the imagination in the same way that other bucket list items do, but people love learning new skills, and being multilingual is one of the top skills we want to perfect before we die.

Although it can be time consuming, it’s one of the more achievable bucket list items. There’s an avalanche of apps and services available to help you learn a new language in 2018. Find the one that’s best for you, add a sprinkling of persistence, a dash of determination, and consistent study time to focus on it and you’ll be a flue parlant couramment une langue différentent before you know it.

Swim with Dolphins

Studies have shown that interactions with dolphins can actually be an effective stress reliever. Dolphins have been proven to evoke peace, laughter, and happiness from individuals, reducing stress as a result. Given that everyone wants to lead a happy life, it should come as no surprise that swimming with dolphins sits at the top of a lot people’s bucket lists in the UK. They are one of the more universally adored animals on the planet because of their intelligence and beauty, and many of those who have swam with dolphins talk of it as being a magical experience.

See the 7 Wonders of the World

The pyramids, The Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, Petra, Christ the Redeemer and the Taj Mahal. A list of sights which residents of the United Kingdom see as comprising the dream journey across the world. Seeing the seven wonders of the world sits firmly as one of the UK’s top bucket list items.

See the Northern Lights

Why wouldn’t you want to see them? Okay, other than having to experience sub-zero temperatures for hours? Given that the Northern Lights are generally agreed to be one of the most beautiful natural phenomena on the planet, many people feel that withstanding the cold for a few hours is a small price to pay to get the chance to witness it. Many travel agents offer northern lights holiday packages, which include trips to Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Norway, but it is possible to see the Northern Lights in the UK. However, you’d need to be extremely lucky, as it is very rare that they are visible from British shores.