Over 118,000 non-insured drivers in the last 4 years

The issue of uninsured drivers is nothing new. Each year, thousands of motorists hit the road without being covered for potential accidents, leading to hefty fines and criminal prosecutions.

After sending Freedom of Information requests out to police forces throughout the country, asking for the number of fines and prosecutions for driving without insurance over the last five years, we at Cuuver have uncovered the 10 hottest spots for uninsured drivers in England.

Surprisingly, the picturesque city of Durham topped the chart. In spite of having a population of just 48,069, relatively speaking, Durham has the highest level of uninsured drivers, per capita.

Between 2013 and 2016, there were 1,087 recorded incidents of driving without insurance in Durham. This works out at an average of 0.57% of the city’s residents, or one in every 177 people.

Coming in second is Greater London. In the past five years, the region has seen a total of 70,384 cases of people driving without insurance. This works out at 0.21% of the Greater London population. Amazingly, we at Cuuver also discovered from the Greater London Police that the highest recorded speed in the region between 2013 and 2016 was an incredible 155-mph in a 50-mph zone.

Contrastingly, the City of London, with its population of 300,000, ranks bottom of our list, with just 108 recorded fines or prosecutions for uninsured drivers. This means that, in the last five years, a mere 0.07% of the City of London’s drivers were reported for driving without insurance.

Remarkably, the city which ranks the very lowest is Manchester. Despite a population of 2,782,100, only 1,810 uninsured drivers have been fined or prosecuted since 2013, averaging just 0.02% of Manchester’s populace.

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