You purchased your annual travel insurance last year, and soon you’re going to be jetting off on holiday again. Then, it suddenly dawns on you that your old travel insurance policy hasn’t run out yet and is likely to renew soon. Either you need to cancel it, accept the renewal fee or have a browse and compare insurance deals.

So, which option do you choose? And, what are your options of opting out of an annual insurance policy before it automatically renews?

Here at, we get that travel insurance isn’t always plain sailing. That’s why we’ve rounded up what you should do about travel insurance renewal, and listed everything you need to know. You can thank us later…

How does auto-renewal work?

If you invest in an annual travel insurance policy, some insurers include a clause whereby you are eligible for automatic renewal. This means that, unless cancelled, you will be charged for an extra year for that same policy, which is great if you’re happy with your policy price and what it offers you, but tricky if you want to switch to an alternative insurance provider.

Remember, auto-renewal insurance is only applicable with annual travel insurance since a single-trip policy is exactly what it says on the tin.

Cancelling your insurance renewal

If you don’t want to renew your travel insurance, there’s no problem with that. The only problem you face is forgetting to opt out, as most travel annual insurance policies automatically renew each year.

The insurance company you have your policy with will email you 35 days before the renewal date, to check in and notify you that your annual policy will automatically renew soon. This will be in the form of an email, or even a text if you had the option to receive alerts when purchasing the original policy. Whichever way you are contacted, your insurance provider will outline the specific date your policy will renew, how you can opt out and other information surrounding the transaction.

You have the right to cancel your travel insurance policy. So, if you’re thinking about opting for another insurance broker this year, set a reminder in your phone to alert you when the policy is near to running out.

Compare your deal

Make sure you compare your travel insurance quotes online, before committing to a renewal fee and existing policy just for the ease of it. This way, you can guarantee you’re getting the best deal, especially since your health and other details can change over the course of a year, which also contributes to higher, or lower, travel insurance fees.

This should not be construed as advice and is for informational purposes, only.