Car insurance is a legal requirement for any driver in the UK, so you might as well do all you can to get the cheapest policy possible. Thankfully, comparing car insurance is a very simple process and at, we can offer you the chance to compare policies from some of the best providers in Great Britain.

Nonetheless, we are still here today to give you our top tips for getting the cheapest deal possible on your car insurance.

Keep your car secure

You will probably find that having a car that is fitted with a regulation alarm, tracking device and other approved security technology can procure you a discount on your car insurance. With car technology advancing all the time, a lot of vehicles now have these features fitted as standard, so if your car does incorporate these security devices, make sure you declare them when applying for a policy.

Make the most of your garage

If you have a garage, keep it clear from junk and store your car in there, instead. If you park your car in a garage rather than on the street, your premiums will be considerably lower because you are lowering the risk of theft and damage. This is looked upon very favourably by insurers.

Stop name dropping

Don’t add people who only drive your car occasionally down on your policy. These people can be added for temporary periods of time, so to keep the price down, only include the names of regular drivers on your car insurance policy.

Be selective

 If you are considering changing your car, you had better make sure that the new auto will have any major impacts on your insurance premium. You can do this by contacting your insurer.

Sports cars bring higher premiums, so a smaller engine can make a world of difference to how much money you need to pay.

Shop around

As is the case with any type of insurance policy, it is essential that you shop around for car insurance to compare the many different offers out there.

You just need to make sure that you are comparing like-for-like policies. While one policy is cheaper on the surface, this might be because it doesn’t offer the same level of coverage that a more expensive policy may offer.

That’s where comes in. Visit our car insurance page to compare a wide range of car insurance policies from some of the UK’s leading providers.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.