With the likes of technology, gaming and social media occupying our time, it’s easy to become complacent when it comes to exercising and keeping fit. This is a particularly worrying phenomenon among parents; with all the luxuries children now have to stay entertained comes a lack of interest to get out of the house and keep active.

Keeping your children active increases their physical fitness and, consequently, improves muscle and bone strength as they grow. In fact, exercising brings many benefits to your children, including weight loss, improved sleep, positive behaviour and a decreased risk of obesity and type two diabetes.

Ensure you motivate your children to be active and be active yourself; after all, they lead by example. If children don’t get enough exercise, their physical fitness, blood pressure and circulation can really suffer. A lack of exercise can also shape the rest of their life when it comes to health and their dedication to staying fit. As well as a balanced diet, it’s important to introduce fun ways for children to exercise to not only keep fit, but also prevent obesity.

Today, Cuuver.com provides you with their top tips, educating you on ways to work exercise into your family’s daily and weekly routine.

Go on a bike ride

Need to quickly pick up some milk? Instead of using the car and taking the kids with you, why not pull out the bikes from the garage and go on a bike ride with the family? Cycling is a great way of getting exercise and it’s a great family bonding activity, too.

Take a trip to the park

Parks are a fantastic way of getting kids to exercise, without them even realising they’re doing it. Children love to play, and a lot of the activities which feature at your local park can build up your kids’ strength, whether it’s from swinging on the monkey bars or pushing themselves on the swings.

Get creative

Children aren’t likely to jump for joy at the thought of exercise, especially if they’re told that’s how they will be spending their evening. So, think of fun ways you can introduce fitness into your children’s lives. Perhaps, suggest signing them up to a dance, football, judo or gymnastics class, where they can not only keep fit, but make new friends.

Plan active days out

When it comes to activities these days, children have so much choice, which makes it a lot easier to squeeze exercise into their daily/weekly routine. Take your kids to a trampoline park for the day, go rock climbing or even plan a trip to a water park or a local leisure centre. Children like to be active when it’s fun, not when it’s deemed as exercise. So, plan day’s out to have fun with your kids, while also enjoying activities that will build up their strength and fitness.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance, only.