There are different types of life insurance policies out there to choose from, and yet a lot of people choose to insure their car, phone and planned holiday over taking out affordable life insurance.

Life insurance is equally as important as other insurance policies; nonetheless, it is not seen to be by many people. In fact, as unusual as it seems, a lot of people who take out travel insurance, which covers their health on holiday, have never invested in a life insurance policy.

To give you the nudge you need to purchase life insurance cover, we’ve provided you with four different insurance policies that you most likely already have – policies you’ve chosen over insuring yourself!

  1.         Contents insurance

When you buy a new phone, usually the first thing you do is take out insurance, because let’s face it – you need that extra security in case you drop it on the kitchen tiles, crack your screen in your back pocket or get water damage from playing music in the shower. Many people consider insuring their commodities over themselves, but this should not be the case. Your phone, TV, PlayStation or tablet may be special to you, but they are all replaceable.

  1.         Travel insurance

You wouldn’t go on holiday without travel insurance, because you know it’s just not worth the risk. Use this attitude with life insurance, too – if you have a mortgage or a child, you have responsibilities to pay for, so there’s every reason to purchase life insurance.

  1.         Car insurance

The test drive is long gone and it’s now time to start driving your new wheels down the open road. A new car obviously required taking out car insurance cover, because without it you’re not protected from what may happen. Life insurance is much the same, you cannot prepare for what’s going to happen, the only way you can is by getting covered. If you’re willing you insure your car, you should be willing to insure yourself, too.

  1.         Motorbike insurance

Riding your motorbike means you can encounter all sorts of problems on the road that you can’t quite predict, which is what your motorbike insurance is for. Why then, do you not take this approach to getting life insurance?

Obviously, all of the policy’s stated in this article should be taken out for your contents, car, holiday and motorbike, but don’t forget to get life insurance, too. Just because you don’t need to buy something physical to realise you need it, doesn’t mean you should ignore getting insured.

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This should not be constructed as advice and is guidance only.