Once upon a time, we had nothing but our version of the story when it came to claiming on someone’s insurance after a dangerous road accident. Now, we have the wondrous dashboard camera to record all the evidence we need, whether it monitors a car collision, dangerous drivers, thieves or your vehicle being purposely damaged.

For years, people have tried to prove their innocence by simply telling their side of the story, but now, thanks to dashboard camera, you don’t have to.

The proof of  the pudding is in the eating

Recording your journey while driving is the best evidence you can provide when making a claim on your insurance. In fact, insurance companies are now encouraging drivers to invest in a Dash Cam for their car, by offering lower insurance prices and discounts to drivers who own a safety camera.

Park up and carry on

What’s great about the dashboard camera is it even records when you’re parked. This means that if you wake up to a keyed car, a punctured tyre, or a bump that wasn’t your fault, you can play back footage from the date it happened and find out exactly who the culprit is.

Report dangerous drivers

The road can be a dangerous place, especially if drivers don’t play by the rules. If even one driver on the road is disobeying the highway code and driving dangerously, it puts every other motorist at risk. The beauty of the dash cam is it monitors every journey you take and, even better, you can play it back. So, if a driver is causing havoc on the roads and putting lives at risk, take a look at your camera footage and report them to the police.

Record scenic adventures

You may buy a dashboard camera to protect your car’s safety, but remember, you can use it to playback adventurous journeys, too. If you and your friends or family have been for a ride out in the peak district or the highlands, be sure to play back the breathtaking views when you get home and relive your latest adventure.

Save on your car insurance

Motorists who have cameras attached to their dashboards can actually save money on their car insurance, as policyholders now offer benefits for drivers who have dashboard cameras fixed to their car. In fact, owning this handy device speeds up the process of claiming on insurance, because you have the evidence available to make a claim straight away.

This should not be constructed as advice and is guidance only.