Gone are the days when you frantically rang your friend to check on your house after forgetting whether or not you left the heating on. Thanks to new technology, switching electrical and heating appliances on and off while being away from your home has never been easier; but many people are still hesitant to change their habits and use technology to control their home.

So, here at Cuuver we’ve decided to talk you through the pros and cons of tech control, to help solve your unanswered questions and inner thoughts surrounding home security.


  1.         Time saving

After heading home from work on a Friday, you may plan on getting home and getting ready straight away for a night out. After a hectic week at work, you may have some bits and bobs that need washing for the weekend and you’re well aware this won’t get done if you’re hungover tomorrow. However, tech in the home lets you switch on your washing machine while you’re still at work, meaning you can get in, hang your washing out and save time waiting for the spin to finish.

  1.         Peace of mind

We’ve all had that horrific, stomach-dropping feeling when we’ve left the house in a rush and can’t remember whether or not we’ve turned the iron off, locked the front door or left the heating on full-blast. Instead of worrying all day until you get home from work or ringing the neighbours to go over and check, you now have the fantastic ability to check all of these things on your phone and turn things off or lock things up if you need to.

If something happened that required you to claim on your home insurance; for instance, if you had a house fire you have the proof you need to show that it was not your fault, unless it’s unrelated, your phone will show that you turned your heating and electrical items off.

  1.         Managing everything in one place

The ability to control your home from your phone is amazing. Having the choice to control everything in one place is really handy and means even the disorganised can stay organised. Having one hub where you can control everything is a lot easier than remembering to turn everything off when you leave your house in a rush. However, it’s still important to be mindful when you leave your house – you shouldn’t rely on this technology, but simply use it to your advantage.


  1.         Costly bills

Usually, you won’t turn your heating on until you get in. Yes, it’ll be freezing, but you’ll naturally put your warmer clothes on and then gauge if it’s worth heating your home up. However, with the ability to turn on your heating at the tap of a button, it’s all too tempting to switch your heating on before you’ve even got in to enjoy it. Although this is a great tech perk, the rapid increase in your heating bills at the end of the month may make you feel differently.

  1.         Hackers

Whenever a new piece of technology is introduced, there’s a risk involved because technology is a breeding ground for hackers. However, technology is so advanced now that there are millions of ways to block out unwanted visitors. There are ways around this, such as downloading security apps. Plus, every piece of technology we own is at risk of being hacked, whether it be your phone, your IPad or your laptop – you just need to stay aware.

Ensure you activate a password, fingerprint ID or even the new face recognition feature on your phone in case it is stolen or lost. You don’t want strangers having full access to your home as well as you phone.

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This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.