Businesses are delicate. There’s a lot that can go wrong and a lot of money that can be lost in the process, which is why it’s important for all businesses, big or small, to be covered by good business insurance. It’s predicted that as many as 40% of small businesses will have to make a claim over the next ten years, and there are some claims in particular which are made much more frequently than others.

Burglary and Theft

Burglary and theft is the most common claim on business insurance, having been claimed for by 20% of small businesses. It’s of little surprise that security is considered such a big issue for businesses today, as thieves are continually finding new ways to strip small businesses of their most valued assets. Many businesses understandably invest significant amounts of time and money into sophisticated security systems to protect themselves from thieves, including systems to defend their computers and electronic property, and ways to prevent the business from being robbed by its own employees. It is in these situations that business insurance is considered invaluable when helping small businesses to recover.

Weather Damage

There are some things in the world that are truly out of human control. The weather is one of them. For a lot of us, severe weather provides nothing more than 3 minutes of small talk at the office, but for some businesses, it is a major and unpredictable factor that can potentially impact their profits. Whether it be through flooding, wind or hail, storms can bring a wave of problematic damage to business property. It’s another one of the most frequently made claims by small businesses, with wind and hail alone making up 15% of all small businesses claims, every year.

Customer Injury

Accidents happen. Although they’re more likely in some businesses than they are in others, pretty much every business is susceptible to the chance of a customer slipping and taking a tumble. Customer injury and damage make up approximately 15% of small business insurance claims, with 10% of this being for simple slips and falls. Nobody likes seeing someone get hurt on their businesses’ property, so make sure you pick up any stray banana skins and display those wet floor signs in a prime location to keep your customers safe and happy.


Fire provides business owners with some of the most haunting nightmare material imaginable. As well as the immediate harm it can cause to the persons involved, it can be fatally destructive to business property. Only a minority of fires are that serious, which is worth bearing in mind when knowing that it accounts for 10% of business claims each year, but even a small fire can cause a frightening amount of damage.

Vehicle Damage

We’re not just talking about company cars, here. A lot of businesses are dependant on their vehicles to be in good working condition in order to be able to deliver their trade. Commercial vehicles, such as vans and busses, are obviously essential vehicles for tradesman and transport companies. Every day they are without them, they are losing money, which is why it’s devastating that vehicle damage is one of the most common claims made by small businesses. Commercial vehicles can be a target for thieves as they know there is a chance of there being a lot of valuables left inside the vehicle. This is why protecting a vehicle can be a leading priority for many small businesses.

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