If you own a car, you know you have to deal with all the highs and lows that come with driving. The highs being the freedom, the ease and the cool gadgets and accessories you can use in your car. The lows being the bumps and scrapes your car endures from being parked in a multi-storey car park, and the risk of thieves trying to break in and steal your belongings. Of course, not forgetting the car insurance claims against those who have cause damage to you or your car from poor driving, and vice versa.

Car gadgets and accessories can really improve your driving experience; they help you to navigate, clean up and use clever technology to keep your car safe. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favourites.

So, here are five of the best accessories and gadgets out there for your car.

  • Tile Mate key finder

The problem with owning a car is keeping your car keys intact; let’s face it, it’s really easy to throw them down when you enter the house and completely forget where you left them. That’s where Tile Mate comes in; this gadget uses bluetooth technology to locate your keys’ GPS. Simply attach the Tile Mate keyring to your car keys and let it be your guide when you have a hazy memory moment.

What’s really impressive about this gadget is that it not only finds where your keys were last located, but it also does the same for your phone if you ever misplace it. So, if you have your Tile Mate keyring but can’t find your phone, it helps you find your phone by ringing it. It even switches silent mode off of your phone so you can locate it.

  • Hudway Cast Heads-Up Display

Using a sat nav is required if you don’t know where you’re going, but looking down or to the side to view navigation can take your eyes off the road all too easily.

The Hudway Cast Heads-Up Display does exactly the opposite, projecting navigation maps onto your windscreen so your directions are directly in your field of vision. This tech car accessory also allows you to vamp-up an older car, making it feel just as modern as the newer model.

  • Garmin 65W Dash Cam

All of the lows of driving can be improved with a dash cam, which records video and audio in and outside of your car – so you know what’s going on, even when you’re away from your car.

The Garmin 65W Dash Cam may be compact in size, but the lens coverage is impressively 180 degrees wide; it sure can capture everything you need to make an insurance claim, or catch thieves in the act. Also, you can take a quick snapshot using voice recognition. So, you take a picture at the scene of an incident without having to take your eyes off the road or hands off your steering wheel.

  • Scosche USB Charger

When you’re out and about, there’s nothing worse than when your phone dies, especially if you need to use it as a sat nav to get home. That’s why you should always store a USB charger in your car, for when your phone packs in unexpectedly.

The Scosche USB Charger is made up of two USB ports, neatly compacted in a plug that you pop into your cigarette lighter socket. This handy gadget has 12 watts of charge and is compatible with any smartphone device. So, invest in this great USB charger so you can say goodbye to low-battery mode.

  • Dyson V6 Car & Boat hoover

Cleaning our cars is a dreaded task, and we often take it to get cleaned instead of doing it ourselves because it’s easier. With the Dyson V6 Car & Boat hoover, gone are the days of paying for a car cleaning service.

This mini motorised handheld vacuum has 21.6 volts of power, a battery life of 20 minutes and even picks up stray hairs that dirty up your car seats. When you’re not using this nifty gadget, store it in the back of your boot where no-one can see it, so it’s always with you in case of a cleaning emergency.

This should not be construed as advice and is for informational purposes, only.