Whether it be a laptop, a television or an electronic tablet, most electronic household appliances these days come equipped with a standby setting.

Leaving our devices on standby allows us to get immediate access to them whenever we want, rather than having to wait for them to boot up every time we turn them on. Although standby mode may be the setting of convenience, it is far from being the setting of energy efficiency.

Those little red standby lights that we leave constantly shimmering throughout the day use up a surprisingly significant amount of energy. As well as having an environmental footprint, unnecessary energy usage also has a big impact on your wallet, too.

There have been many studies looking into how much money we spend to leave appliances on standby, with one even finding that it can cost us as much as £86, per year. The longer those standby lights are left on, the more energy is being used, and you’ll be getting charged by energy companies for every kilowatt you consume.

So, which appliances are costing us the most by being left on standby? Unsurprisingly, video and audio equipment such as televisions and satellite boxes are amongst the biggest standby money vacuums.

Televisions use £3-£4.80’s worth of energy per year while on standby. However, amplifiers and satellite set-top units can each cost as much as £18 per year.

Wireless routers have been found to cost the most when left on standby at almost £22 per year. Games consoles, computers and tablet chargers are also standby money pits.

However, lights on modern smart devices aren’t the only items costing us money. Appliances that have been household staples for decades, such as ovens, microwaves and even electric toothbrush chargers, are taking up an unnecessary amount of your income each year by being left on standby. People don’t realise that these appliances are using energy, as they look as though they are turned off, but when they are plugged into the mains they are still using up energy.

At Cuuver.com, we want to save you as much money as possible, and so we advise you not to leave an appliance on standby unnecessarily. Save the money you spend on powering your appliances to sit on standby all day, and spend it on a treat for yourself instead.

If you aren’t using an appliance switch it off, but remember that to really ensure an appliance is properly switched off, you will likely have to turn it off at the mains or unplug it completely when you aren’t using it.

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