UK spends over £17bn on smoking each year

£46,759 spent on smoking on a daily basis

In light of the recent plans by the government to increase the price of a packet of cigarettes, was keen to find out what this could mean from a financial point of view for the UK.

Based on the current average price of a packet of cigarettes (£10.70), and the average number of cigarettes smoked on a daily basis, we discovered that £17.06bn is spent on cigarettes, every year.

Such a large sum of money is enough to fund the NHS for more than four years.

If the price of cigarettes is raised to £20 by 2020, as planned, this figure is set to skyrocket to £1,048,800,000 going up in smoke, annually. That means £87.4m would be spent on smoking the UK, every single day.


Cigarettes smoked per year

Reasons to stop smoking

Stoptober is the perfect excuse for smokers to not only kick the habit and improve their health, but also save a great deal of cash. Too many of us start in on quitting when October comes around, only to go back to the habit at the end of the month – this is the time to stop for good.

Lungs are for life, not just October.

Did you know that the amount of money the UK spends on smoking every year is enough to purchase over three-billion water tanks’ worth of clean water for schools in the third world?


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