We know it’s only autumn, but winter is just around the corner.

Although we get excited about the festivities that come with the Christmas season, we also dread the likelihood of getting the common cold and encountering other nasty germs that plague us during the winter season.

There are steps you can take to stay healthy and boost your immune system, to simply just enjoy the perks that come with the winter season. That’s why we at Cuuver.com have rounded up the best ways to keep healthy this winter, to improve your health, wellbeing and even your health insurance, in the long run.

Increase your vitamin intake

During the cold winter months, we are more susceptible to the common cold, flu and exposed to other germs because our immune system is working overtime. Whether you take supplements each morning or make smoothies, weaving vitamin C into your daily diet during the winter months will do wonders for your immune system. Introduce this vitamin into your daily routine and watch your energy, skin, mindset and even hair improve.

Wrap up warm

We lap up the chance to cosy up by the log fire and wrap up in festive jumpers while lounging in the house, but sometimes forget how chilly it really is outside, due to the ever changing British weather.

It’s obvious that we need extra layers in the winter months, yet many of us still venture out into the cold without a pair of gloves, a hat or without protective shoes. Ensure you take extra measures to keep warm; the colder you get, the harder your body has to fight to keep you warm, resulting in illness.

Spice up your life

Winter is all about preparing your body for the cold weather and a weakened immune system.  Garlic, ginger, paprika and chilli are great additions to any winter meal, since these spices ward off colds by fighting off germs; helping to build up the immune system.

Keep active in the comfort of your own home

A trip the gym can be more tiresome when it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean your exercise regime needs to come to a halt. In fact, you can exercise indoors instead and for longer, since you’re not wasting time travelling to get to the gym.

Pop on a fitness DVD, watch a yoga tutorial on YouTube or do fifty press-ups each morning in the comfort of your own bedroom. Any exercise you do that builds up your strength is going to be beneficial for your everyday activity, as well as your overall health.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.