When you are trying to sell your home, there are dozens and dozens of elements to be taken into account. However, before you can consider half of these things, you actually need a buyer who is interested in purchasing your property.

There’s no time frame when it comes to selling a house; some people can shift their homes in no time at all, while others still have their properties on the market years later.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of low-cost tricks and measures a homeowner can take to give their home more appeal to potential buyers and help clinch a sale. Here are just a few ways you can make your home more attractive:

Scrub up

Top of your to-do list when you have people coming to view your house should be to give it a thorough clean, from top to bottom. Buyers won’t be able to visualise themselves living in a pig sty, so make sure that your house looks like a show room. Vacuum the carpets, scrub the tiles, clean the kitchen and bathroom and make sure there’s plenty of fresh air in the house.

Along the same lines, you should ensure that your home is free from clutter. Estate agents could request a viewing at any time, so keep the debris to a minimum.

Ditch the wallpaper

Give your potential buyers a clean, blank canvas to look over. If you have any wallpaper, it’s best to get rid of this and replace it with an appealing yet neutral colour. This makes it easier for the viewers to visualise their own furniture in the rooms and their own unique style fitting in the home.

Add curb appeal

You can definitely judge a book by its cover in the world of property. If a buyer sees a scruffy exterior, chances are they won’t make an offer. Remember, the exterior is the first thing they will see, and first impressions are everything.

So, keep the garden tidy, keep the yard free from junk and fix any damages to the roof or exterior in plenty of time for the viewings.

Get an inspection

Many sellers take the step of getting their homes inspected before putting it on the market. These inspections are designed to point out any potential issues, which you can then get resolved before trying to sell your home.

Cut down on personal items

Another hack to help buyers see the house as a clean slate, removing things like family photos, ornaments and artwork will make for a clean aesthetic. Keep these items stored out of sight during viewings to help viewers to imagine their own furniture in the home, making them more familiar and comfortable within the property.

Keep it light

Make sure all your curtains and blinds are open when you have a house viewing. This is also a great excuse to upgrade your lighting; if your lights haven’t been updated for 20 years, this is an ideal time to fix this. Viewers want to know that their new home will be bright and uplifting, so do your best to ensure your home has this vibe.

Be techy

It’s superficial, but younger buyers are impressed by technology. So, adding smart pieces of technology, such as thermostats you can control on your phone or a hi-tech security system, can make a big difference.

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