Health insurance is a sensible and secure way of saving money on your medical expenses. It’s something any responsible adult has considered and, even better, acted upon. However, to keep the cost of your insurance down, it’s best that you look after yourself before getting to the stage where you need to use it.

Cuuver works hard to ensure you get the best health insurance deal for your circumstances, but here are a few simple health hacks that anybody can put into action right now, and which could mean you’re in a better position when it comes to applying for your health insurance.

  1. Set a regular bedtime

    Don’t have three different alarms for different days of the week. Of course, everyone deserves a lie-in on the weekends, but having one alarm that will get you up at 6am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and another to wake you at 7:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays will not do your body clock any favours, at all. In fact, this has the potential of seriously running your body down, which is never good.

  2. Get your 20 minutes
    It has been scientifically proven time and time again that getting 20 minutes’ worth of exercise each day – even if it’s just going for a stroll – can lower your chances of getting diabetes, cancer, heart disease and many other debilitating illnesses when you get older. Set aside some time each day to do some exercise; as well as keeping you fit, it will also improve your mood.

  1. Turn off the technology
    So many people around the world are allowing their technology to consume their lives – don’t be one of these people. Don’t be on your laptop until the moment you go to sleep; turn your phone off for a while during the day, or at least keep the notifications on a need-to-know basis.

  1. Take a break from social media
    There has been a definite correlation in recent years between the use of social media and mental health issues. Spending the whole day gazing at other people’s supposedly ‘perfect’ lives on Instgram and Facebook won’t do a thing for your self esteem. Instead, get out there; make time to meet your friends for a while and bask in the ‘real world’.

  1. Keep hydrated
    You should be drinking plenty of fluids every day to keep your body in shape. Try to drink eight glasses of water throughout the day. Don’t drink caffeinated drinks after midday as this can lead to a restless night’s sleep, and even stop you from sleeping altogether. Drinking plenty of water will flush out your system, improve the appearance of your skin and do your kidneys the world of good.

  2. Get out
    It may sound harsh, but you should be getting out there in the sunshine, no matter what time of the year it is. While it’s not advisable to spend long periods in the sun without any protection, 15 minutes or so each day will provide your body with a healthy dose of much needed Vitamin D, which helps to boost your energy levels as well as your immune system.

  3. Get your greens
    Probably the most obvious and cliched one on our list, but cliches don’t exist without an element of truth, and the truth is, you need vegetables. Whether you like them raw, fried or steamed, getting a good intake of greenery can help fend off an enormous variety of cancers, as well as keeping your insides working properly in general.

This should not be constructed as advice and is guidance only.