There’s no better feeling than cruising down the road on your motorbike, but if you are involved in an accident, it can really affect your outlook on riding again, because you are constantly assessing dangers and wondering “what if…?”.

Braving the road after a crash can initially be quite tough because, although you want to get back on the open road, fear can creep up on you and consequently prevent you from getting back on your bike.

For those of you who are unsure how to approach riding again after a motorbike crash, we’ve provided some helpful steps for you to follow that will help you get back on the road in no time and build up your love for riding again.

Start off with steady journeys

It’s likely you are going to be shaken up after a motorbike accident, even weeks after the crash happened. There’s no harm in taking it easy after a crash, so start off with shorter journeys, whether this is to the local corner shop and back, or a half an hour drive through the countryside.

Revisit the crash site

There’s no use avoiding the place you’ve crashed, because at some point you’re going to end up driving there again, so it’s best to plan ahead. When you feel ready, go back to the spot where you had your accident, take it easy and overcome your fear of the road.

The longer you leave to ride near the crash site, the worse it will be for your anxiety; it will actually change your outlook on riding your motorbike again. Revisiting the site will help you to realise that driving there isn’t so bad, it was just a one-off accident.

Talk about it

It may seem obvious, but talking about the crash you were involved in is going to help your mental state, considerably. Talking to your friends, family or fellow motorbike riders will allow you to release your anger and frustration and consequently, draw a line under the experience and move on from it.

Or, if you’re not much of a talker, write it down. Expressing your concerns is going to help you think straight and gain the confidence to ride your motorbike again.

Take up a defensive driving course

Getting some extra experience on the roads will help you build your confidence back up, by giving you expert knowledge and practice with hazards and the dangers of speeding. What’s great about defensive driving courses is they teach you about different hazards and how to spot them early, so in the unfortunate event they happen while you’re driving, you know exactly what steps to take to handle them.

Plus, additional driving qualifications can really help lower the cost of your motorbike insurance, because you are proving to your insurer that you are a safe driver and have taken necessary steps to improve the way you drive.

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This should not be constructed as advice and is guidance only.