After booking your next trip away, your next important step to prepare for your holiday is buying travel insurance. But, with so much to consider and sometimes, with so little knowledge on how travel insurance works, it’s easy to make mistakes when looking to purchase a policy. We often don’t get the right amount of excess coverage, forget to detail a previous medical condition or take out a policy that doesn’t actually cover the country we’re travelling to.

Here at Cuuver, we want to make travel insurance understandable and make buying a policy as clear and simple as possible for avid holidaymakers. That’s why we’ve come up with the best questions you should be asking yourself while filling out your cover details. With all these questions in mind, you’re sure to get the right cover possible and prevent yourself from making mistakes.

  1.         How much is my excess and will it be enough cover?

Many travellers don’t understand how crucial their level of excess is when it comes to purchasing travel insurance. That’s why you should be asking yourself, “How high is my excess for my travel insurance policy?”.

If you purchase a policy with a relatively low excess cover, don’t expect to be able to claim back for expensive medical or dental bills abroad. Sometimes, medical bills can be lower than your excess amount, meaning you’re not entitled to claim back for them. It’s therefore crucial to get the appropriate cover, even if it does cost a little more.

  1.         Is my destination valid for this policy?

Are you planning on a skiing trip over to the Alps? An African safari? Well, if you are venturing on an adventure holiday, it’s important that you check you’re covered for the policy you’ve got your eye on. So many people forget about the difference in cover from a beach holiday to a sun holiday, but it’s so crucial you check this before taking out travel insurance.

  1.         Have I been completely honest with my answers?

This may seem silly, but so many people think that when they’re filling out their policy, they can skirt around the truth, only to find that they cannot get the cover they would have received if they’d been honest on their application. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you must state this on your policy form.

Yes, it can be cheaper to sugar coat the truth, but you will always be found out and in the end, it will only be you who suffers. For instance, if any medical bills need paying while you are abroad, you will end up having more issues if you haven’t stated your pre-existing condition.

  1.         Does my policy cover me if I miss a flight?

Obviously, we expect that our pre-planned journey to the airport will be straightforward, but sometimes traffic and other issues get in the way of arriving to our gate on time. After missing the flight, there would be nothing worse than finding out you have to pay and arrange your new flight on your own accord, because you hadn’t checked if your policy covered it or not.

  1.         How do I report theft while I’m abroad?

Many people invest in a policy that covers their contents in the event they are stolen while abroad. However, it’s important to ask yourself how much information you actually know about this before your holiday, because in certain places, if your phone is stolen and you haven’t reported it to the local police, you won’t qualify for any cover.

One of these places is Barcelona; if you have your belongings stolen here, you need to visit the police station and report your items as stolen before you leave, in order to qualify for cover. Otherwise, if you return home without visiting a local police station, you’re not entitled to a claim. This is why it’s important to give your policy a thorough read when you’re purchasing it. Our tip – look out for companies who offer a text service, which details what emergency numbers and services you need to call in the event your personal belongings are stolen.

To conclude, ensure you check your policy thoroughly, because you just never know what curveballs will be thrown your way while on your travels.

For more travel insurance help and advice, visit the Cuuver blog, today. Or, if you’re looking to get started on covering yourself, with these questions fresh in your mind, submit your information today for a free quote.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.