Learner drivers can now legally drive on the motorway after new changes implemented on the 4th June 2018.

The new change has been introduced to improve drivers’ approach to motorway driving, with an aim to enhance safety and inspire confidence on these difficult, unfamiliar roads.

Although the new law has officially come into effect, motorway driving for students during driving lessons will be entirely up to the driving instructor, based on whether they think the individual is ready to drive on the motorway.

Many are interested to see if the new motorway driving rules will result in a change to the practical driving test, with part of the test taking place on the motorway, to see how learners cope with long distance driving.

Since the new law is the hot topic in motor news this week, and there’s much debate about whether this is a good or a bad thing for learners and other motorists, we thought it would be a great idea to weigh up the pros and cons.


  • Learner drivers are able to learn how to face the motorway, thus preparing them for the dangers that occur on the motorway. Allowing learner drivers to experience the motorway before they pass teaches them how to drive, as well as respond to other road users on UK motorways and, therefore, putting their theory knowledge into practice.
  • Important road markings and motorway signs will become more familiar to learner drivers, thus they will be better, more confident drivers when braving the motorway independently.
  • Learner drivers can only drive on the motorway with their driving instructor, not with another driver, even if they have learner driver insurance, meaning driver safety regulations are constantly being met.


  • Standard motorists raise concern over safety issues and delays that come with learner drivers being legally eligible to drive on the motorway during a driving lesson.
  • Current drivers will have to be wary of learner drivers on the motorway and are advised to increase the gap between their own car and the learners, particularly in icy and foggy conditions, as learner drivers being new to these type of roads are likely to respond differently to confident drivers who are familiar with the road layout.
  • Although driving instructors have access to dual controls, sudden emergency stops or other movements that have to be made to improve safety can shake up other drivers behind/in other lanes on the motorway.

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