As we have written several times in past blog articles, all businesses, large or small, should invest in public liability insurance, to cover themselves from a variety of potentially costly situations.

That being said, companies in certain industries are far more likely to need to make a claim on public liability insurance than others. So, Cuuver has put together a list of some of the industries that often need to claim on their policies. If your business is classed under any of the following industries, you should really consider taking out a good public liability insurance, today.

  1.     Window cleaners

A hazardous job at any time of the year, if you run a window cleaning company, you need public liability insurance. Whether it’s a chain of cleaners or a one-man show, window cleaning is a potential safety hazard for the general public; all it takes is a bucket of water to fall from a great height and a passer-by could be seriously injured. A solid public liability insurance policy will help you when it comes to paying compensation and any legal or medical bills the third party may incur.

  1.     Builders

For many of the same reasons why window cleaners need public liability insurance, builders should also be prioritising getting a policy. Building sites are hazardous places at any time; no matter how seriously you take the health and safety regulations, accidents can still occur. If a third-party visitor is injured on one of your sites, you may well be liable to pay hefty costs.

Also, if you are borrowing third-party equipment to carry out the work, you are also liable to pay for it to be replaced or mended if you damage it during the course of completing your work.

  1.     Electricians

It shouldn’t be too shocking to find electricians on this list. All it takes is one stray spark to do a great deal of damage to a client’s property.

  1.     Cleaners

No profession is too small to need public liability insurance, and that includes house cleaners. It’s incredible how easy it is to accidentally knock a priceless Ming vase from the mantelpiece while you are doing the dusting – not a bill you want to be stuck with, without any insurance.

  1.     Road maintenance workers

Road maintenance can be hard labour, which requires powerful tools and a great deal of precision. Should you accidentally damage the road, or any borrowed equipment to get the job done, you’ll be grateful you took out a good level of public liability insurance cover.

  1.     Caterers

Serving food to the general public is always a potential liability – all it takes is one bad shrimp. Caterers should definitely fork out for some insurance; while it isn’t likely that you will need to make a claim if you follow all the standard hygiene regulations, you can never be too careful.

  1.     Carpenters

Heavy wooden structures – what could possibly go wrong? Quite a bit, as we’re sure you can imagine. Carpentry is a noble and traditional occupation, but it definitely has its share of hazards and risks, both in terms of damaging third-party equipment, if you have borrowed any, and in causing a potential risk to your clients’ safety if they visit you on-site.

  1.     Plumbers

Naturally, a qualified plumber will know the ins and outs of a house’s plumbing system. Nonetheless, a mistake in a plumbing job can do a great deal of damage to a third-party property. Having a sound public liability insurance policy will ensure that any damage you inadvertently do while carrying out your job can easily be paid for.

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This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.