Both small and large businesses need to invest in a good public liability insurance policy; it doesn’t matter about the size of your business, it still needs to be insured. However, bigger businesses may be unfamiliar with how important public liability insurance really is, with business owners asking themselves: “What is public liability insurance?”, or “how much is public liability insurance for a large business?”

We at Cuuver are always looking for new topics to discuss with readers regarding business insurance. Our aim is to reiterate how important it is to invest in a good public liability insurance policy for your large business, which is why we’ve created this post – to help you realise its true importance and encourage you to get Cuuvered.

The basics

Essentially, public liability protects you against unexpected claims made against a business. As a result, minor damages can develop into hefty compensation costs, so it’s important you have the appropriate cover for your large business.

It’s also important to bear in mind that costs are never a fixed price, it depends solely on your business and the details of your insurance policy.

So, what makes your company a ‘large business’?

Well, if you’re responsible for insuring a business that is home to 250 employees, as well as a turnover of £300 million, your workplace will fall under the ‘large business’ category and will require more thought than insuring a smaller business.

Investing in employer’s liability insurance is a must, too, if you own a large company, as public liability insurance only covers third party claims and will not cover employees or company assets.

How much cover is required for a big business?

How much cover you need is dependent upon your business, particularly if your company is large in size, with a large number of staff employed. For instance, £5 million may be a more appropriate and realistic amount of cover needed for a larger business, as opposed to a smaller business who may only require around £2m’s worth of cover.

Remember, as an employer it’s your responsibility and in your best interest to protect your business, as well those who come into contact with it. So, compare public liability insurance quotes today, with

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