Christmas Day is fast approaching, and as well as planning and shopping for gifts, the turkey and other festive delights, we have to consider prepping our home for the big day. There’s no other time of year where so many different guests pass in and out of our homes, so it’s crucial we are prepared.

Here at, we may help you with your home insurance, but we also offer some great home tips. So, to save you the stress, we’ve compiled our top Christmas home preparation tips, to help you get ahead during this busy (and exciting) period.

Have a Christmas clear-out

As it gets closer and closer to Christmas day, there’s soon to be an influx of gifts and new items like toys, gadgets and clothes that need a place in your busy household. So, instead of facing the trauma of no cupboard space on Boxing Day, why not prepare beforehand and have a pre-Christmas clear-out?

A couple of weeks before the big day, locate old items and list them on eBay, or bag them up and send them over to the charity shop. After all, last year’s gadgets might not be this year’s priority, so this saves you struggling to find room for all the new gifts that you received at Christmas.

Invest in Christmas scents

Christmas isn’t just about tasty food, but delicious-smelling candles and fragrances, too. To impress house guests and sustain that festive spirit, introduce some Christmas-smelling goodies for your home. Bring on the cranberry-infused candles, cinnamon air fresheners and festive-smelling potpourri.

Sift through the loft before you shop

It’s easy to head straight to the shops, get in on the festive hype and buy new Christmas decorations, tableware and Christmas crackers. However, don’t jump the gun – check what your loft still has in it from last year before splashing the cash.

Christmas is expensive enough without having to shell out for new decorations or items because you’ve later discovered you already bought them last year in the January sales. So, weeks ahead of decorating and before you plan your Christmas shopping, rummage through the loft and rustle up what you can find from last year’s haul.

Shop for flexible furniture

Over the festive season, you could well be inviting every man and his dog round for a catch-up, which means you’re a host 90% of the time. Hosting means you need more seats for the dinner table, extra seating for the living room and side tables to pop drinks and snacks for your guests.

At this pricy period, do prepare for added house guests, but don’t overspend on temporary furniture. Pull out any old furniture you have stored away in your house, and if it isn’t in tip-top shape, decorate it with tinsel, or tablecloths. If you do need to buy additional furniture, opt for items you’re going to use again, like bean bag chairs for the kids that guests can also lounge in, or some affordable but sturdy chairs for whenever you have extra house guests.

This should not be construed as advice and is for informational purposes, only.