Packing for your holiday is one of the last few jobs you have to do before jetting off to sunny paradise. Even though your holiday is just around the corner, it can feel like it’s an eternity away, especially when you’re struggling to squeeze everything in your suitcase.

Remembering all of the essentials and important documents you need, as well as deciding what to bring and what to leave behind makes packing feel like an absolute chore. To help combat your packing panic, we’ve put together some travel hacks to make your holiday packing a less daunting task.

Here are our hacks for dreaded holiday packing:

You’ve got to roll with it

If you don’t do it already, roll up your clothes when packing rather than folding them. Not only will rolling multiple garments up together reduce the chance of wearing creased clothes, but it also takes up a lot less space than folding them. So, if you always struggle to decide on which clothes take with you and which to leave behind, this is a good trick to try;  it will allow you to sneak in that last extra outfit.

Don’t forget to pack your shoe-case

Shoes can be awkward things to pack as they’re large and generally quite cumbersome compared to most other items of clothing. However, you can easily turn these space wasters into space savers by rolling up smaller items of clothing, such as socks and underwear, and putting them inside the shoe. This way, the space inside the shoe isn’t wasted.

You should’ve brought your space savers…

The next time you get a new set of specs, don’t disregard your old glasses case, as it is a great place to store things like chargers, earphones and loose cables while you travel. Putting cables and wires in glasses cases makes finding them in your bag mid-journey much easier. No longer will you have to scramble around the bottom of your bag to find a tangled up pair of earphones.

Don’t take your iron aboard

Even the most meticulous suitcase packer will struggle to pack a large quantity of holiday clothes, without them creasing during the journey.

Finding your clothes wrinkled up when you unpack is the bane of every holiday-goer; it can make it difficult to smarten up properly when you want to go out on an evening. This being said, there’s no need to cart an ironing board abroad just to keep yourself looking sharp. Instead, pack an anti-wrinkle spray. Yep, they exist, and better yet, they are available in travel sizes.

Although these sprays may not do as thorough a job as an iron would, they certainly help to get out those pesky little creases that embed themselves into your clothes during your journey. Just spray the garment, tug out the creases, then hang it up to dry to get your clothes wrinkle free.

Avoid toiling with toiletries

Preparing toiletries for short holidays can be problematic. You can’t always guarantee that your hotel will provide free toiletries, and even when they do, they can sometimes be poor quality compared to those you usually use.

There is a way round this; you can take travel size quantities of your favourite toiletries without buying travel size products at the supermarket, as these can be bad value for money abroad. How? Simple, take clear, travel size toiletry containers, which are widely available to buy online, and fill them up with your favourite shampoos, body washes and other toiletries you planned on taking abroad. These handy bottles mean you can take the right amount of the right toiletries with you, for a modest price.

Tangled Jewellery is the final straw

Keeping your jewellery organised in your suitcase can be challenging, but there is a simple way to overcome it. You can keep your necklaces from tangling up in transit by threading them through plastic straws. Shirt buttons can also be used to keep your earrings organised by placing them through the holes in the button. These nifty tricks help keep your pairs of earrings together and stop them from getting mixed up with your other jewellery items.

Pack your case the smart weigh

There are lots of different ways to organise your suitcase, so deciding on the best approach isn’t always easy. We find the best way is to pack the heaviest items at the bottom of your suitcase, as this allows the weight of the suitcase to be more evenly distributed. Otherwise, you will find lugging your luggage through the airport an unnecessarily tiring task.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.