Summer season means one thing: holidays. However, with the excitement of our summer holidays, comes the stress of packing and preparing for the airport. So, the sooner you get a plan together, the better.

That’s why we’ve provided our top tips for airport prep, to keep you calm as can be before you jet off on your summer adventure. Here are our best airport hacks:

Check-in well in advance

Those nagging emails you receive from your airline are repeatedly sent out for a reason – to remind you to check-in as soon as online check-in is possible.

It’s easy to skip these types of emails while you’re at work or cooking the tea, but take this as your final warning to check-in, in good time. Checking in early prevents stress on the day of your flight, which isn’t needed when you have so many other factors to consider before flying.

Photograph your parking space

In the heat of the moment, all you care about when parking at the airport is getting a space, and one that is as close to the actual airport as possible. The only problem is, when you arrive back home, holiday-mode is still intact and your memory over where you’re parked can completely slip your mind.

Use your phone, or camera to snap a picture of where you are parked, with distinguishable elements included in the picture so that when it comes to it, you know your cars exact location, i.e. opposite the airport bus shelter.

Bag-up your toiletries beforehand

If you’re flying with hand luggage only, plan ahead for security. The line may seem like it’s growing to enter security, but soon enough you’ll be at the front of the queue holding everyone up because you’ve got you haven’t organised your toiletries properly in your suitcase.

Ideally, you should collect all your toiletries and liquids together and place them in a ziploc bag. However, it’s not common to have one of these lying around, so if you don’t already have a plastic airport bag from a previous holiday, empty your liquids into a sandwich bag, or even a supermarket plastic bag, ready to transfer into an airport-liquids bag when you arrive. This makes the security check-in less of a faff and keeps you organised.

Print your boarding pass

It’s amazing that, these days, when we go abroad we can check-in online and use our phones as a boarding pass; it’s easy and hassle-free and gives you one less thing to think about. However, technology isn’t always reliable. What if your phone suddenly shuts off at the airport, or, you get your phone stolen abroad?

It’s unlikely these things will happen because you’ll try your best to prevent them, but it’s important to be prepared in case something was to happen to your phone. As a backup option, invest your extra packing time in printing your boarding passes out, just in case. You never know what will happen and the more you prepare, the less you stress when things go pear shaped.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.