It’s the first month of 2018, meaning only one thing – it’s time to start the year off afresh.

As soon as the clock strikes midnight on NYE, we think about all the ways to better ourselves for the year ahead. We start by seeking new job opportunities and begin taking the necessary steps to progress in our career. After all, there’s nothing like getting a new job for the new year, particularly if your current role is preventing you from being the best version of yourself.

Another key aspect of change we promise we’ll achieve in the upcoming year is getting into good shape. With that, comes Instagram and Twitter pages filled with inspirational fitness quotes, photos of deliciously healthy eats and videos of freshly made super smoothies being prepared. That’s why we’ve rounded up five of the best apps to help you hit your health and fitness goals this year.

Remember, the cost of life insurance is based upon your commitment to your health; if you exercise regularly and eat healthily, this generally means you have a good standard of living and are less at risk of high cholesterol and other problems that may affect your lifespan. If you think that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t affect your life insurance premium, you’re surprisingly wrong.

So, put your cigarette out, don’t pour yourself another drink and replace the money you’d usually spend on a night out down the pub, with a monthly gym subscription and a healthy food shop, as well as downloading these five life changing health and fitness apps – most of which are free of charge


What’s great about this app is that you can track exactly what you eat. Using the useful digital barcode scanner, you can scan the item you’re about to eat, or the ingredients you’re about to cook and MFP calculates your calorie and sugar intake, as well as adding this into your eating plan. This handy feature means you can track what you eat on the go, as well as when you’re sat at your dining room table.

Simple Steps

The ethos of this clever app is rooted in how even the simplest of changes to your diet can really benefit you. Helpful tips are issued throughout the day and sent as reminder notifications to your phone, to ensure you stick to routine and complete the small steps that have been assigned to you, to complete. This app is excellent at getting you into a routine, reminding you to drink more water and eat more fruit, even notifying you to eat an apple midday.

Change4Life Sugar Smart

Sugar has fast become the unhealthy demon hidden in our everyday food, from breakfast cereal to pasta sauces. This is where Change4Life Sugar Smart comes in; it actually calculates your sugar intake, but unlike other apps it breaks foods into sugar portions, actually showing you how many cubes of sugar you are digesting as you tuck into what you thought was a healthy lasagna for tea.


For those struggling to think of new, healthy recipes, turn to SideChef, the app with a library of 2,5000 healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to try and taste. Nutritional tips are also available on the app, as are easily accessible videos with step-by-step instructions, making it impossible to have an excuse not to cook up some deliciously nutritious meals.


It can be a real struggle to find the motivation to exercise, particularly if you’ve been at work all day, had a long commute home and still have a food shop to do. Getting plenty of exercise is a really crucial step to

A great feature of this nifty app is the more exercise you log; the higher level you will get to, giving the nudge we all need to exercise regularly, whether this is in the form of a fitness DVD or a walk round the block.


This should not be construed as advice and is guidance only.