You’ve booked your next holiday and of course you’re excited for the adventure ahead. However, with excitement comes worry; worry about what to take, what to leave behind and what precautions you should take to protect your luggage/personal possessions before you jet off abroad.

Here at Cuuver, we know that keeping your possessions safe abroad can be easier said than done; it’s only when you arrive at your hotel that you realise all the steps you could have made to protect your valuables. So, to help you prepare, we’ve provided a handy guide of tips, tricks and reminders of what the important steps to take to keep your possessions safe and sound when venturing abroad.   

Pay for a safe in your room

Make it your priority to gain access to a safe in your hotel room, which you can find more information about when you check in at the reception.

If keys to a safe come at a cost, remember just how costly it would be to lose your items if you avoid paying for one. Taking this small step will make a big difference because it will stop you worrying about your valuables back at the hotel when you’re out and about exploring.

Invest in a safe everyday bag

Rucksacks save you a lot of hassle when carrying items around on holiday. Nonetheless, they open up issues of safety for your possessions; they are easier to access, without you realising. If a rucksack is your bag of choice when travelling, make sure you invest in a good padlock for when you’re out and about in busy areas abroad.  

If you’re opting for your usual handbag, ensure it has a secure zip to conceal your belongings – don’t just rely on a bag that holds itself together with a button or a clasp. Why? Because un-secure bags give thieves the opportunity to sneakily peek and steal from your bag, without you even realising they came into contact with you in the first place.

As for gents, keep your cash covered and wear shorts or trousers with zip pockets, or use a zip bag to keep your possessions in. Leaving your wallet in an open pocket can be risky business and you don’t want to be held liable if any of your goods are stolen.

Manage your money

Exchanging money when travelling abroad means we rely on cash more than ever to pay for meals out, travel and tourist attractions. With a stack of cash comes a huge amount of responsibility, as well as the worry that you are carrying too much around in unfamiliar surroundings.

Use a money belt to disguise your money, or divide your cash amongst your family/friends so that no one in your party is carrying a large wad of cash at any given time. Filter your spending money out and budget for the day; this means even if you are out and about, you are carrying a reasonable amount of money which means if you did encounter a theft, you’d still have access to money from your leftover funds.

Up your excess cover

When initially buying your travel insurance, you’ll probably question how much excess cover to pay for your possessions, because usually when you return home from holiday you return with everything you went with in the first place. However, remember that when travelling around, anything can happen. If you care about what possessions you’re taking abroad, insure them properly; save yourself the disappointment of losing an important possession and not getting the cover you need, in the event that something unfortunate happens to a possession of yours while on holiday.

Most importantly, invest in good travel insurance cover to keep your worries at bay. The more you prepare for, the better the outcome if something unexpected happens. So, be sure to browse through our great travel insurance deals available online to keep yourself calm, collected and Cuuvered.

This should not be constructed as advice and is guidance only.