Every year, children are involved in road accidents due to their vulnerability when crossing the roads, as well as motorist mistakes and reduced visibility. That’s why the road safety charity THINK! curated a safety campaign, to encourage children to cross the road safely, educating them on the risks of crossing the road.

Cuuver.com are always interested in seeking new ways to improve road safety, since this is the whole point of having car insurance – to keep you safe. Since we were so impressed with THINK!’s new safety campaign for children, we thought we’d pass the information on and educate our readers on what’s going on in the UK to improve the roads for both motorists and pedestrians, alike.

Hundreds of children marched on the 16th May with CITV star Sam Homewood, to raise awareness on how crucial ‘stop, look, listen, think’ really is when crossing the road. THINK! also created a song to accompany the campaign, ‘Safer Journeys Anthem’.

The imaginative anthem was created to remind children of road safety rules when crossing the road. The famous ‘stop, look, listen, think’ line has been incorporated into the song, to teach children the importance of crossing the road safely.

The campaign was launched in time for the upcoming summer holidays, which brings a lot of added worry for parents whose children are out and about and, therefore, more likely to encounter problems when crossing the road.

Road safety minister, Jesse Norman, said: “Britain has some of the safest roads in the world, but we are always looking at new ways to make them safer.

“As more children take advantage of the better weather by talking to school or playing outside, it is important they know how to cross roads safely.

“THINK!’s new resources will make it fun and easier than ever for schools and parents to help children learn good habits that can last a lifetime.”

THINK! are constantly finding new ways to interact with children and teach them more about road safety, since they are one of the most vulnerable road users, alongside the elderly. With much still needed to be done to improve safety for children, THINK!’s latest campaign is certainly on the right track.

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