As the air gets chilly, we get excited for log fires, festive hot chocolates and cosy nights in. However, with cold weather comes unexpected delays to your car journeys, whether this is from de-icing your windscreen, or struggling to start your engine before work. Extra TLC is needed for your car in the winter months; the more attention you pay to it pre-winter, the less likely it’s going to cause problems later on.

To prevent your car freezing over and causing frustrating problems, we’ve pulled together a few pointers to protect your car during the nippy season.

Treat your windscreen wiper blades

Cold weather causes you to freeze, despite your efforts to prevent this with your woolly hat, thick wrap-around scarf and furry winter coat. Windscreen wiper blades are much the same, in cold conditions they freeze over, causing them to stick to your windscreen and, as a result, damage them considerably.

Keep an eye on your wipers, they may well need replacing, which is common in winter weather. A nifty little hack is to soak a cloth with alcohol and clean each blade gently, to prevent it sticking down to glass and breaking. Also, ensure you use wash fluid that is suitable for sub freezing temperatures and keep maintaining your windscreen glass with de-icer to prevent them sticking.

Apply some winter wax

Adding an extra protective layer to your car helps prevent scratches and scrapes that can appear on your car’s paintwork from heavy weather such as hailstone. Waxing your car also loosens the paintwork, meaning snowfall won’t be as hard to remove and saves you from having to continually scrape snow off your bonnet and car doors.

Warm up your car with regular journeys

If you travel by public transport to work but have a car parked up on your drive at home, make sure you still take regular journeys in it to keep the engine warm and running. Just because the weather is cold, it doesn’t mean you should stop taking trips out in your car altogether. Much like the heating needs to be on over the winter period to warm up the water pipes and prevent them freezing over, a car needs to be running to keep in working order during the colder months.

In fact, it can be worse for your car and cause the battery to run down, so pop to the local supermarket for a weekly shop and take small trips, to prevent your engine freezing over and windscreen wipers becoming damaged.

Of course, having a good car insurance policy will also cover you if the winter weather does do some damage to your car. Browse the different car insurance policies available today, with Cuuver.

This should not be construed as advice and is guidance only.