The sunny spring weather has officially arrived and while we lap up the sunny rays, it can slip our minds to prepare our cars for the good weather. That’s why has rounded up the best tips to prepare your car for the sunshine that spring brings, as well as the rainfall.

  1.         Switch up your wiper blades

Ice and snow in the winter months can really damage the condition of your wiper blades and, although you may think they’ll make it through because of the sunnier weather, they won’t if you don’t service them. Remember, spring brings sunshine, but it also brings April showers.

Bouts of rainfall will mean your windscreen wipers need to be in good shape. If your wiper blades are fairly new to your car, simply wipe them down with a paper towel and some acetone (found in many nail varnish removers), to ensure they are clean. However, if you’ve had your blades for quite some time, it’s worth getting down to the garage to get them repaired ahead of spring driving.

  1.         Give your windows a thorough clean

It’s only when the sun shines that drivers notice how dirty their windscreens and windows are. There’s nothing worse than driving with a misty windscreen. Yes, the sun shining is wonderful, but it can really impair your vision of the road ahead. Driving with dirty windows, mirrors and a cloudy windscreen invites distraction while driving. So, get some wax out and a good leather cloth and get cleaning.

The cleaner your car, the easier it is for you to see clearly and drive safely. Plus, the sun shows up dirt a lot easier than darker conditions, so it’s more evident when your car is looking a little worse for wear.

  1.         Check your washer fluid and filter

In your car, you will have a cabin air filter which controls the air you breathe in your car, protecting you from inhaling dust, dirt, pollen and pollution caused from driving. If your cabin filter is clogged, it cannot function properly, meaning you are more prone to sneezing, hay fever, and colds. Furthermore, you may struggle with the air flow if you have asthma.

At the end of each winter season, you should change your filter to rid it of all the pollutants it holds and to prevent it from clogging up. This means it will be clear in time for spring, when you are bound to come into contact with more dust, pollen and other materials which interfere with clear air flow.

  1.         Test your tyres

Your tyres may be a little worn after the harsh weather conditions in the winter months. Spring is a great time to check the condition of your tyres; if it’s light and bright, you can recognise any damage on your tyres more effectively.

Spring also brings good, warm weather, and sunny weather encourages us to go on more road trips, whether they be to the local park, the seaside, or to a new destination for a weekend away. The more journeys you make, the more susceptible you are to vehicle damage, particularly to your tyres. So, it’s crucial you keep an eye on tyre conditions and test the pressure with an appropriate pressure gauge.

During warm weather, your tyres runs the risk of popping, too. So, it’s important you keep an eye on their condition as much as you do in the winter months; just because it’s warm doesn’t mean your tyres are exempt from damage.

  1.         Give your car a pre-spring clean

The upholstery in your car may appear clean in the colder months, but as soon as the sun appears in the sky, it’s all too easy to notice every speck of dirt that appears in your car. Be prepared; get hold of your hoover, collect the rest of your car cleaning products and tools and perform a real deep clean. constantly strives to help drivers, providing handy help and advice each week to ensure motorists are up-to-date with the latest safety for their vehicle. Compare car insurance deals with us online, today.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.