Did you know that Christmas is the busiest time of year for burglars? Yes, tis the season where many people out there would prefer to receive other people’s stuff rather than give their own.

As you fill your house with valuable gifts for your loved ones or prepare to leave your home alone as you jet off somewhere exotic for the festive season, you should be preparing it to avoid being broken into. Similarly, with the influx of electrical appliances that come with Christmas, this is also a time to safeguard your abode from a disaster.

We at Cuuver would hate to think of anyone having their Christmas ruined by a break in or major accident in the home. That’s why we have compiled this list of essential steps a homeowner should take to look after their dwellings over the festive period.

Keep mum on social media

So many people love to post and boast about how they are going away for the festive season (or any other season for that matter). However, this can be a costly mistake for many people as they are unknowingly advertising the fact that their house is likely to be empty for a specified length of time, while they are away. If your home’s alone this Christmas, make sure you don’t broadcast it across social media.

Switch off

Christmas decorations are a major part of the holiday season and many people really get into the festive spirit once there’s a tree in their home. Fairy lights are a beautiful finishing touch to a tree and other areas of the home at Christmas, but they can also spell an early end to your Christmas cheer if they catch fire. When purchasing fairy lights, be sure to check that they carry the British Safety Standard sign, proving they meet legal safety regulations.

You should also be certain that they are switched off each night when you go to bed or go out to avoid them overheating while you are not there to do anything about it. Wrapped presents can catch fire very easily, so there’s no point in keeping your home secure from burglars if you are going to risk a fire.

Don’t overload

Aside from making sure your Christmas lights are switched off when you are not around, don’t overload the mains by plugging in too many electrical appliances at once. This is another fire hazard. Do you really need that dancing Santa to be plugged in all the time?

Hide your presents

We don’t just mean from the kids, but from the outside world, too. Having presents piled up by the tree is a wonderful sight at Christmas, but it is also a huge advertisement to passers-by that you have a great many gifts sitting around your home. Some unscrupulous people in this world would have no problem with helping themselves to your presents; so to avoid tempting them, it is best to keep your presents hidden away until as close to the 25th as possible.

Account for your presents

If you are planning on storing or receiving expensive presents in your home at Christmas, you should invest in some contents insurance to cover their value. Your standard home insurance policy will not include your new gifts, so searching for a quality contents insurance policy is a very sensible method of insuring your Christmas presents from theft or destruction.

Look busy

If you are going away for Christmas, do your best to make the house look occupied. Get some timers for your lights in a couple of rooms to come on at different times of the day and night so it looks like someone is home. You could even ask a trusted friend or family member to pop by for a little while to check everything is okay – at least it will be someone making your home look full.

This should not be constructed as advice and is guidance only.