It can be difficult to ignore your phone if it’s buzzing away while you are driving. The curiosity can become too much, leading you to “just quickly check it”, only to realise you’ve ran through a red light or nearly ran over a pedestrian you didn’t even notice, simply because you were so engrossed in the content on your phone.

Texting while driving is a serious criminal offence; yet many motorists still risk it, whether they’re on the motorway or bored in a queue of traffic. The worrying thing that drivers don’t consider before sending that ‘important’ text message, is that tapping away on their phone actually makes crashing up to 23 times more likely while driving.

To prevent you from endangering yours and other people’s safety, we’ve rounded up our top tips on how to prevent phone distractions while driving, to keep you safe on the roads.

  1.         Send all the messages you need to before setting off

Before switching on your engine, think about who you need to contact before you set off and take that time to message them beforehand. Then, put your phone on silent and drive on. If you’re picking a friend up from the train station, let them know you’re setting off and how long it will take, and that they won’t be able to contact you.

Remember, friends and family can always check road updates and your whereabouts on FindMyFriend app to see how close you are, it shouldn’t be down to you to contact them; after all, it is illegal while you’re driving.

  1.         Keep your phone locked away in your boot

If you can’t see or hear it, you’re not going to read it. You put your shopping in the boot of your car, so put your phone in your bag and throw that in the boot, too. If you take the distraction away, you’re not going to be tempted by it. It’s actually when a phone is in front of you or near you while driving, and you can hear it going off, that you become involved in wanting to answer it. Out of sight, out of mind – literally.

  1.         Download handy apps to help you along the way

Sometimes, the temptation of checking our phones is just too much. If you’re someone who is easily swayed, look into different apps to help aid in preventing you from texting and driving. AT&T DriveMode is a great app, which actually silences all incoming texts and calls by sending auto-response replies to anyone attempting to contact you.

Other great apps include, OMW, LifeSaver and OneTap, so let the hunt begin. Many phones come with a readymade ‘driving mode’, too, which you can make use of as it blocks access to your phone by picking up on your driving movements.

  1.         Use a proper sat nav – not the one on your phone

Driving with a sat nav on can be distracting enough, but we need them to navigate us when we don’t know where we’re going. As reliable as sat nav apps can be, our advice would be to use a traditional sat nav, buy either buying one or using the one that’s built into your car itself. This takes away the need to read messages that are flashing up on your screen, while you’re also trying to figure out which lane to go in down an unknown road.

Driving is all about assessing what does and doesn’t distract you, so if you know you’re likely to go on your phone because you just can’t wait to respond to a message, you need to take more serious measures to prevent yourself from doing so.For further driving help, tips and advice, visit our online blog, here. If you’re looking to compare car insurance deals, get a free quote from us today.