Summer has finally arrived and so has the glorious sunshine.

However, with good weather comes flying insects, garden maintenance and the thing we dread the most – hay fever. The pollen count is up and, instead of welcoming watering eyes and runny noses, you should try to beat these annoying symptoms. Follow our guide to tackling hay fever this summer and start feeling better in no time.

  1.         Dry your clothes inside

There’s no harm in doing an extra wash to get rid of pollen from your clothes – in fact, it’s advised for those who suffer with hay fever. However, choosing to dry clothes outside just takes you back to square one.

If the wind blows, so will the pollen and it’s likely this will cling to your clothes and, consequently, cause your hay fever symptoms to flare up. Choose to dry clothes inside instead, in front of windows or large patio doors. This keeps the pollen away but ensures your clothes dry quickly from the sunlight seeping in from outside.

  1.         Avoid air con

Fans and air con may cool you down, but they are also spinning pollen, dust and other unwanted matter round the rooms of your house, or your car if you have air conditioning installed.

Opening windows can be risky to your watering eyes due to the pollen count, but having air con turned on constantly is just going to increase your chances of hay fever. If you do need to stick the fan on, ensure you clean it down regularly; the same goes for your car’s air conditioning vent.

  1.         Buy a tub of Vaseline

Your nose runs as it is when you suffer from hay fever, so what’s the shame in having a bit of Vaseline around your nose? Vaseline is a great barrier for blocking nasty elements in the air coming into contact with your nose.

  1.         Buy a pollen filter

Purchasing a pollen filter is a life saver for those who suffer from hay fever; they help regulate air flow and get rid of pollen and pollutants which can easily clog up your air conditioning and your sinuses. Use a pollen filter for your air conditioning in both your car and your home, as well as investing in a good vacuum with a specialised HEPA filter.

  1.         Vacuum regularly

Beating hay fever is all about controlling what pollutants are around you. Of course, when it’s warm we need to air out our home by opening windows. The problem with letting fresh air in is you’re letting pollen in, too; it’s important you vacuum regularly

Wiping surfaces down with a damp cloth is also a must, as this effectively gets rid of dust and pollen that lingers on household surfaces. Also, avoid having strong-scented air fresheners and candles in bedrooms and living rooms; although they don’t cause hay fever, the fumes are certainly not going to help your endless eye-watering and sneezing.

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This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.