With the sunny spell of weather across England this summer, our first thought when we wake up is about how nice the weather is. It’s easy to get carried away with the benefits of the heat and forget about the dangers of it if you don’t protect yourself properly.

Not keeping an eye on yourself, your skin and your health when out in the sun can lead to sunstroke, which can be so easily prevented if you take the right precautions.

That’s why Cuuver.com have rounded up the best tips to follow, to avoid getting sunstroke during this scorching heat wave.

  1.         Keep your face covered with a hat

Often, we forget how exposed our scalp is to the sun and end up shocking ourselves in the mirror at the end of the day with a bright red, flaky scalp. Protecting your face and head is an important step to avoid sunstroke. So, invest in a trusty hat to cover you up from the sun, whether it’s this seasons fedora hat or a baseball cap.

  1.         Cream up

Recently, we’ve had a lot of sunny days in England, but that’s not to say we don’t need to apply sun cream each day. In fact, it’s easier to forget about sun cream when enjoying the sun at home; it simply slips our mind.

However, a day spent in the sun at the beer garden, or at the park with a picnic can lead to serious sunburn and as a result, a bad case of sunstroke. So, always be prepared – carry a travel-sized bottle of sun cream whenever you venture out into the heat.

  1.         Cool down with a cold shower

As well as the heat dehydrating us, it makes us pretty clammy and sticky; the best way to feel clean and cool down is taking a cold shower. It sounds a little extreme, but it’s a really good way to cool down quickly after a day spent in the sun.

  1.         Avoid that bottomless prosecco brunch

Alcohol dehydrates the body on a normal day, but when dealing with hotter temperatures it’s even more important to control your alcohol consumption. This is because you’re not replacing the water your body has lost through sweating with more water, but alcohol instead, which often leads to nausea and in worse cases, sunstroke.

So, that bottomless prosecco brunch may seem like a great idea, but being out in the sun all day and only drinking alcohol is bound to make you feel ill.

  1.         Invest in water spray

Water isn’t just for drinking, it’s for cooling, too. While on the go, it can be hard to cool down and that’s where a travel-sized water spray comes in handy. Simply spritz yourself with the water when you’re feeling overly hot and distressed from the heat.

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This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.