After resting in the comfort of your own home, it’s easy to nip out and forget to lock your front door, but what’s even easier is for burglars to walk straight through your door and access all of your personal belongings, without even having to force entry to break in.

If you fail to properly secure your property, you risk invalidating your home insurance; you’re offering access to your home and everything in it. Much like leaving windows open, unlocked doors pretty much invite any unwanted visitors into your home. Even better for the burglar, they don’t even have to struggle to steal from you if your door is quite literally wide open.

If you cannot prove someone has broken into your home, it may well turn out that you can’t claim on your house insurance; as far as the policy holder is aware, there’s been no break in/they don’t have any proof that you’re making a false claim.

When filling out your house insurance application form, there should be a section designated to describing the locks fixed to your doors. If these details are entered incorrectly, you’re also at risk of your insurer reducing or refusing pay out.

Keep your spare keys safe, too. Did you know, if you leave a spare key outside the house where a burglar can access them, you’re also at risk of not receiving your full claim? Any way in which you could help a burglar get access to your house will instantly wave a red flag to your home insurance policy holder. Think about it logically, an insurer will want to know why your keys were left in a place where someone could get access to your home without having to break in.

So, next time you’re rushing to leave the house, remember the implications of failing to check if you’ve locked the door. It doesn’t matter how bizarre your methods are to check you’ve locked the door, whether you double check, take a video of yourself locking it or ask a member of family to confirm you’ve locked it, any chance you can get to confirm you did lock the door that morning is great, not only for your peace of mind but for your home insurance validity, too.

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This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.