There comes a point in our lives where our social media feeds are no longer filled with funny memes and holiday photos, but engagement announcements, baby due dates and flashy images of recently purchased possessions.

Life insurance may seem silly if you’re not planning on having a baby or getting engaged anytime soon, but browsing through social media might give you the push you need to consider it. With everyone on your Facebook newsfeed bragging about their new life commitments, you begin to realise that you are in fact an adult now; if you want security for your future, it’s going to require investing in life insurance.

A Facebook status announcing your best friend’s due date

If your friends are old enough, or responsible enough have a child, it’s more than likely that you are too. Even if you’re not ready for kids yet, one day soon you may be, and you’ll need life insurance by your side to pick up the pieces if anything bad happens to you or your children.

A Snapchat story of your friends falling out of a nightclub

Accidents happen, especially when intoxicated. A drunken accident can seem like nothing at the time, but can quickly turn into a serious injury. Without accident and sickness life insurance, you will suffer, especially if you have to take time off work. So, while your friends prat about online, learn from their mistakes and start researching into life insurance deals.

A picture of you cousin’s new expensive car on Instagram

Instagram is a channel best used to flash your cash; it creates a window into the best bits of your life for others to see. Think about it, all these great possessions you own you’ve worked hard to achieve, so why wouldn’t you invest in life insurance? After all, you wouldn’t want everything you’ve earned to go to waste if something unfortunate happened.

Your friend’s tweet, showing off the keys to her new house

You may not be ready to buy a house yet, but one thing your social media feed should teach you is if people your age, in the same position as you, can afford a house, you can afford to buy life insurance.

Your sister’s Pinterest ideas for her upcoming wedding

As you hit your twenties, more and more people around you start getting engaged. Your sister shares her ideal wedding day collage on Pinterest; the girls you knew from school start flaunting picture of their engagement rings all over Facebook. Then, you sit and wonder what you should be doing, because you are so far away from this ‘adult’ step. However, these life steps make you realise that you need to think about your future, and you can do this by investing in some good life insurance.

This should not be constructed as advice and is guidance only.