Before setting off on your next ride, as well as your bog-standard get-up-and-go equipment (i.e. motorbike helmet and jacket), there are so many nifty gadgets out there that motorbike riders should invest in. That is, naturally, if you haven’t got them already and locked them away in the garage.

To keep you in the loop, we’ve whittled down the best gadgets to invest in for a safe, smooth and secure ride out.

  1.         A safe and effective communication gadget

When on a long ride out on your bike, you’re not going to be stopping to check in with your partner, or film your surroundings because as well as being totally illegal, doing so would be seriously dangerous. Plus, you just want to enjoy getting out on your bike and not have to pull over to make a call or take a picture of the scenery.

That’s where nifty gadgets, like the Sena 10C Bluetooth Camera & Communication System come in handy. This device has hands-free communication, so you can make a call while on the move. It also has so many other amazing features, including its ability to record videos of your scenic ride out on the road, while recording audio, too.

  1.         A motorbike tyre inflator

The Slime 40001 motorbike tyre inflator means you’re always prepared for contingencies; you never know when your tyres are going to pack-in and cause you an unexpected delay. This handy gadget is compact, meaning you can pack it in your rucksack or under your seat and inflates your tyre when it’s running low on air, or has already gone down.

  1.         A good helmet sound system

There’s nothing better than going on a scenic ride out with your favourite tunes playing. The Headwave Tag is a slick helmet sound system that works a treat. Simply attach it to the back of your helmet and hear the surround sound kick in immediately. Music sounds profound while you ride and you can even feel the vibrations from the bass with your head.

  1.         Security systems

If you’re an avid motor cycler, your bike is going to be your baby. So, a sturdy and effective security system should be top of your priority list before heading out for a ride on the winding roads. The Target Alarmed Disc Padlock is a great bit of kit to keep your motorbike in-check.

The aim of this device is to alert you if thieves attempted to meddle with or steal your motorbike, and thanks to its 140 dB siren alarm, it certainly does the job. The electronics in this gadget are also waterproof, meaning that come rain or shine, it still protects and secures your bike.

This should not be construed as medical advice and is for informational purposes, only.