In the modern world it is very difficult to escape technology, but not completely impossible. Taking our eyes off the screens every once in a while can have a seriously beneficial impact on our health, both physically and mentally.

Sadly, most of us don’t make time to unplug and break off from technology as often as we should. Here are five ways you can digital detox, easily:

Leave work at work

Whether you are an eager, young go-getter in the first week of your first job, or a senior manager who’s been in their role for 20 years, it’s all too tempting to sign into your work emails after office hours.

However, doing so deprives you of the opportunity to switch off and recharge. As a result, your mental health suffers, as does your performance at work. Cherish the precious few hours you get to enjoy after work each day – they are essential to help you recharge and go back in good form, tomorrow. Whether you receive zero or one-hundred emails after 5pm, they will still be there in the morning. Don’t ruin your evening by dwelling on the next day before it’s even happened; and besides, if it’s an emergency, your boss can always call you.

Buy an alarm clock

The mobile phone is a wonderful invention, promoting safety and a point of contact for us in an emergency. Nonetheless, it has to be said, it’s made quite a few institutionalised household appliances redundant in many people’s eyes. One of these appliances is the old alarm clock; many people now prefer a soothing jingle or their favourite song on their phone to wake them up instead of the shrieking ring of an alarm clock.

What those people don’t consider is that turning your phone off and relying on a separate piece of technology will eliminate the temptation to turn over and start reading your messages if you wake up in the middle of the night.

Don’t be so rude

If you’re out for lunch with a friend, having a drink in the pub or are having a family dinner, turn off your phone. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to talk to someone who is also having a conversation by text with someone else – or even worse, leaving the table to take a call.

Making yourself uncontactable to the digital world when you are socialising is a very cleansing experience, encouraging you to form real relationships and cherish your friends, in person.

Clean up your social media

We’ve all hit the delete button on annoying ‘friends’ in the past, but a digital detox requires more than that. Unfollow old groups and pages that you no longer care about. Turn off all but essential notifications; clean up who you follow on Twitter and Instagram.

These small changes affect the number of notifications you receive each day. Social media can be addictive, so the less click candy we have, the better.

Refrain from using electronics for at least one hour before bed

Your laptop, mobile, tablet, Xbox and other devices stimulate your brain. This means that when it comes to bedtime, your head is still spinning and you are wide awake. In this state, it can be impossible to get a decent night’s sleep.

Instead of watching a Netflix show, read a book before going to sleep. Not only will it be far more educational, it will help to soothe you and make for a much more restful night’s sleep.