Owning a motorbike is like being a parent; in the same way you would do anything to protect your child, you’re willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure your bike is safe. Your motorbike is a pretty big cost to cover if you ever need to claim for theft on your insurance. For this reason, it’s crucial you insure your ride as soon as the sale for your bike goes through. Make it your mission to act fast; preparing for the worst case scenario is the best thing you can do to protect your bike from theft.

Fortunately, we’ve got you cuuver-ed! We’ve created a list of useful tips to give you a helping hand with the safety of your motorbike, because we understand that no-one can afford to lose something that special.

Actively keep your bike safe and secure

Avoid leaving your motorbike parked in secluded and unlit areas; this is a breeding ground for theft. Modern cordless angle grinders with thin cutting discs can actually slice through even the toughest lock in no time at all, so hide your bike away and be wary of your surroundings when parking.

Take extra safety measures; store your bike in your garage, or pay for a parking permit in a gated car park nearby to your house or office. Spending a little more will pay off to keep your vehicle secure.

Track your bike

Consider fitting a high tech tracking device to an unreachable part of your bike, e.g. embed it in the seat foam, so it’s concealed and unrecognisable to thieves. This means if your bike is stolen, you can track its exact location on your smartphone or tablet. A tracking device is guaranteed to help you with any insurance claim and also speeds up the process when you’re trying to recover your stolen bike.

Take pictures

Make it your mission to take plenty of high-quality photos of your bike. You are likely to have taken pictures of personal assets, such as watches and personal jewellery for insurance purposes, so remember to do the same for your motorbike.

Without photographic evidence, if anything ever happened to your bike, your insurance company would have to rely solely on your description from memory when trying to recover it. So, take a shot of the latest copy of a magazine or newspaper with your motorbike model in, which clearly states its publication date. This is a less obvious, but really important step to take. Why? Because your insurance company can make sure your bike matches your recent description and photographs, instead of comparing it to what it looked 10 years ago.

If your motorbike is a classic, make sure you get an ‘agreed’ valuation, from a reputable source, for that particular make.

Make your mark

Consider ‘DNA’ marking your motorbike with irremovable ink. This will be a huge help if your bike is ever stolen, and then recovered, because you can identify the model specifically with your unique marking. For extra security, take a photograph of this mark so that you have photographic evidence to prove your bike is definitely yours if it is recovered after being stolen.

This should not be constructed as advice and is guidance only.