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Frequent Questions

A few things you’d like to clear up first? Maybe you’re not sure why it’s worth comparing your employer liability insurance, how long it will take or what cover you need?

Well, then you’re in luck. We’ve written the following answers to questions frequently thought but rarely asked, about finding great deals on your liability insurance.

This should not be constructed as advice and is guidance only.

What is employers’ liability insurance?

This mandatory employers’ insurance was put in place in 1969 to protect employees that might become injured at work. It also applies to past employees that become ill due to something they did in the workplace, as long as they can prove it was as a direct result of the actions of their employer.

Do all businesses need it?

The majority do but, there are some exceptions such as if you’re a sole trader. With employers’ liability cover, you’re not covered for claims from your spouse (if they’re employed by your company) or your business partner.

You are likely to need employers’ liability insurance if:

  • You deduct National Insurance and Income Tax from employees’ salaries
  • You pay them hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly
  • You supply the equipment and materials

Something to note is that your insurance policy should also include temporary staff, student placements, volunteers, advisers, referees, and marshals.

Who is exempt?

A limited company where only one person is employed and that person also owns more than 50% of the share capital.

A company which is not limited and has only one employee (sole trader) who is the principal of the business.

A company which is not limited and of more than one employee, where employees are close family members.

Partnerships where the directors are equal partners in the business and do not employ others.

Do I need additional business insurance?

As well as employers’ liability insurance, you may need additional insurance for your business.

Public liability insurance
Public liability insurance can cover you should a member of the public be injured by your business activities or you damage their property while carrying out your work.

Professional indemnity insurance
Professional indemnity insurance, or PI insurance, is designed to cover the cost of paying compensation to a client because your poor service, advice or designs have caused damage to their reputation, or lost them money in sales or a corporate partnership. The client in question could be a company or a member of the public – and you could even have given the advice for free.

Professional indemnity insurance is relevant to businesses that offer knowledge, skills or advice as part of their work, such as marketing agencies, PR consultancies, management consultants, web agencies and design companies. These are all organisations whose advice could lead a company to change its strategy.