Life insurance is something we all need, no matter what age we are. However, it’s not the easiest of topics to bring up and discuss with your partner, since you have to discuss death and that all important question – “What if something happened to me?”

If you have a family, you need life insurance – not just for your sake, but for your child/children’s standard of living in the event that you or your partner passed away. Planning ahead for the worst to happen isn’t a task to look forward to by any means, but doing so will pay off if anything were to happen to your or your partner. After all, if your partner passed away without life insurance, you and your children could suffer financially.

Here at Cuuver, we want to help you understand the importance of life insurance and help you get covered if you aren’t already. So, we’ve provided some handy tips on how to approach talking about life insurance with your partner, which is actually easier than you think, if you follow these simple steps.

Choose the right time

Talking about life insurance can be a sensitive subject, so don’t just spring it on your partner out of the blue; they may well try to change the subject or avoid talking about it if you bring it up at random. Instead, try approaching the subject of life insurance when you’re discussing your monthly bills and finances that you share. This way, you can arrange together what your plan of action is going to be and how you will go about getting life insurance.

Research affordable life insurance quotes beforehand

Sometimes, it takes someone else doing the groundwork for us to get the ball rolling. Planning ahead for the chat with your partner on life insurance will speed up the process of them taking it out. Once they see a realistic figure of how cheap life insurance cover can be, they will be more inclined to invest in a good life insurance policy, instead of just brushing it off as another expense.

Discuss numbers

Your partner needs to get an understanding of how important life insurance really is. “What does life insurance cover?” – this is what you should ask yourself before convincing your partner to take out a policy; the clearer your explanation, the more inclined they are to get on board.

The best way to highlight this is by addressing what finances you would struggle with, without a joint income. For instance, discuss the costs to pay off your mortgage, your child/children’s future, paying for private education and university fees. More importantly, you need to focus on how difficult these costs would be to cover if you had to handle them, alone.

This should not be construed as advice and is guidance only.