Cookie Policy use cookies to remember you when you come back to our site. By doing so, we can measure how effective our marketing campaigns are, helping us to improve user experiences on our websites.

What are cookies?

A “cookie” is a small piece of information sent by a web server to store on a web browser so it can later be read back from that browser. They are simple, very small text files stored on your computer when you browse certain web pages, useful for having the browser remember some specific information, usually helping to improve the user’s browsing journey.

Am I safe if my browser uses cookies?

Yes, it is safe to use cookies as they don’t do any harm to your computer. They are not programs, therefore they cannot bring any viruses to your computer. They can’t install malware programs or trojans on your computer. Typically they are small lookup tables, containing pairs of key-data values and nothing else.

Quotezone cookies

The following cookies listed below are needed so that our website works properly for all our customers.

Cookie name Purpose of Cookie(s)
PHPSESSID This cookie allows us to operate our web servers so that saving details and running a car insurance quote comparison is possible. The website would not work without it.
piwik_visitor This cookie allows us to test different variations of web pages and analyze user behaviours, logging different browser statistics, allowing us to optimize the functionality as well as look & feel of the website to improve user experience.
AFFID, AFFKWID, WLKWID, CREF These cookies are used to log users who are referred to us from an affiliate or co-branded website.
curef, cqref These cookies allow us to save and rerun a quote on our website for a specific user.
rid, crid, user_name These cookies are used to log which of our users have entered our site from a renewal email campaign.
NOPOPUP This cookie is used to disable popups from being displayed to users who enter our site from particular affiliates.
EmailTracking, emv_campaign, emv_click,emv_content, emv_email, emv_medium, emv_source, emv_url These cookies are used to log various statistics about different email campaigns. This allows us to know how successful particular campaigns have been.
key, value This cookie allows us to display a captcha to a user who is carrying out too many quotes on a short time interval on our website. This helps with security and server load on our system.
has_js This cookie records whether JavaScript is enabled in your browser, to ensure we display the appropriate content. This is a session based cookie and will be deleted once your session expires.
3rd party cookies

We use these cookies to help us to monitor the customer journey of our users which gives us the information we need to improve the service we offer our customers and within our business constraints.

Cookie name Purpose of Cookie(s)
__utma, __utmb, __utmc,__utmv, __utmz These cookies are Google Analytics which are used to gather anonynmous information on how visitors are using our website, drop-off pages as well as which device and web-browser they use.
test_cookie, id, SessionData, UserData, datr, lsd, reg_ext_ref, reg_fb_gate, reg_fb_ref These cookies are used by DoubleClick, Yahoo Search Marketing and Facebook and allow us to display ads online and to analyze user behaviour in relation to them, helping us optimize our traffic quality.
p_id=Twitter This third party cookie lets us collect user data through Twitters application for purposes of conversion tracking and serving ads targeted to users interests.
Non-essential cookies

We use these cookies for online marketing purposes. The website can operate without them but they are used to help improve our online marketing effectiveness. These cookies can be disabled.

Cookie name Purpose of Cookie(s)
Adwords Remarketing These third party cookies let us serve personalised adverts to you when you have left our site and are browsing other websites e.g. if you leave our website without completing a quote we will use remarketing to remind you to return if you want to complete it.

Please Note: Some of the services we use (including social networks such as Facebook and Twitter) tend to change their cookies on a regular basis so our cookie policy may not always be kept 100% up-to-date despite our efforts to do so.

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Further information

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