If you were to think of the most valuable possessions in your home, a few things would come to mind straight away; cash, jewellery, technology like your phone or laptop, or maybe even some old antiques passed down by your family. These are the main things we look to keep secure in our house just in case we were to be robbed or burgled. However, they’re not the only valuable items in your house and you probably won’t even realise how valuable some of your possessions are.

There’s a number of everyday items that are unexpectedly valuable, and you likely have a number of them lying around your house. They’re not likely to be a target for thieves, but you might just want to move them somewhere more secure than where they are at the moment.

Here are some common household items that are surprisingly valuable:

Magazines and Books

For those that have a subscription to their favourite magazine, there is a fair chance that you kept many of the old issues of this magazine somewhere in a draw, cupboard or attic in your house. It may be worth taking the time to go through those old boxes, as collectors are willing to pay a hefty price for some issues. Magazines that are especially popular amongst collectors online includes early issues of Playboy, Vogue and Time from the 1990s, which can sell for £36 each. The launch issue of Vogue from 1953 is particularly lucrative, often selling for over £3,500.

It’s not just magazines either, old books can also be worth a lot of money. First editions of popular books are highly valuable. Harry Potter books can be sold for exceptional prices if they are first edition. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone can be worth an eye watering £40,000, with some copies even known to have sold for £80,000. Some issues of the Spiderman comics are also worth other £40,000.


Toys are big business. Chances are you have a box of your childhood favourites in your attic, or maybe your kids’ favourites that they’ve grown out of and left in a cupboard in their room. Childhood favourites such as Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels cars and Jerry Anderson toys such as Thunderbirds play sets can be worth hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of pounds, especially if they are in good condition. Old trading cards such as Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are also worth a lot of money, as collectors are willing to pay hundreds of pounds to get the rarest cards just to complete their collection.


Think twice before handing your old pile of clothes to the charity shop, as some might be able to make you a pretty penny on eBay. More specifically, check the value of any old band merchandise you have, t-shirts from iconic bands’ first tours, such as Iron Maiden, Nirvana and Metallica can be worth thousands of pounds at auctions.

If you weren’t one for buying band merchandise, don’t worry, because even old pairs of trainers, even if they’ve been worn, can be surprisingly valuable. Iconic pairs of trainers, as long as they aren’t too worn out, can be worth a fortune. Popular shoes that were reasonably common when they were originally sold such as trainers by Adidas and Converse can be considered iconic today, with Nike’s limited edition Air Jordans worth up to $10,000.

Old gift cards

All houses have them. Whether they get used or forgotten about, the wave of gift cards that we are inundated with around Christmas and celebration periods all end up somewhere. While we know that we should be putting them in the bin, they often get left lying around the house or get stuffed in draws with other household paraphernalia.

However, it turns out that hanging on to those gift cards might not have been a bad idea after all. Whether they’re used or not, those gift cards might be worth a lot of money. Some gift cards were released as limited editions, making them collectables that people will pay good money for. Disneyland’s limited edition gift cards for their 50th Anniversary, as well as old, rare Starbucks cards are amongst the most sought after cards, so keep your eyes open for them in your house.

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