The festive season has arrived and nothing gets you through the day faster than an invite to the annual Christmas party, knowing you will be laughing over Prosecco and doing things you’ll come to regret in the morning. One mistake you shouldn’t make though is driving after the Christmas party, or even falling asleep in your car drunk.

If you are convicted of a drink-drive offence, you can face any of the following convictions:

  •             Up to six months in prison
  •             A fine of up to £5,000
  •             A 12-month driving ban (or longer)

Plus, after you’ve been caught drink-driving incident, your car insurance will rocket, because you have indicated to your insurer that you are an irresponsible driver. Here at Cuuver, we want to help you prevent silly mistakes that can be made as a result of the annual Christmas party. We’ve provided some hints, tips and useful information about drinking and driving that will stop you making irrational decisions after one too many cocktails.

Not thinking about the alcohol left in your system the next day

It can be all too easy to head to the shop the morning after drinking alcohol at your work Christmas party. After all, you’re in desperate need of a bacon sandwich to soak up the gin from the night before.

However, after a heavy night you must remember that the alcohol you consumed the night before may still be in your system, especially if you haven’t drunk enough water and were partying into the early hours. Before you head out the next morning, think logically; if you are caught driving with alcohol still in your system, you can be convicted of a drink-driving offence.

You can be prosecuted for falling asleep in your car

Stumbling out of the last bar from a long night of cocktail-sipping and socialising and you find out you can’t get a taxi for another hour. Drunken you may think it’s a good idea to head back to your car and grab your winter coat that you left in the boot earlier, to keep you cosy while you wait.

After opening your car, the next thing you know, you’re woken up to a police officer knocking on your window, after you’re found asleep in your car seat as a result of alcohol and lack of sleep. What most people aren’t aware of is, you can actually be charged for this, because even though you haven’t driven drunk, you have intended to enter your vehicle to do so. So, think ahead at all times, even if you have had one too many G&Ts.

Our solution? Choose a designated driver or arrange a lift

Plan ahead of the Christmas party; if you think you’re going to make silly decisions, that’s fine, but don’t get caught in a situation that could end up costing you your driving licence, costing someone else their life, or increasing your insurance premium. Never get a lift in someone’s car if you know that they’re under the influence, because in the end it’s just not worth it and it’s incredibly dangerous.

So, think before you drink; don’t drink and drive, do get proper car insurance. Explore and compare car insurance quotes online today, with Cuuver.

This should not be construed as advice and is guidance only.