It’s pretty understandable that, as a charity event organiser, you are going to want to minimise the running costs of the event as much as possible. After all, you are looking to squeeze every last bit of cash you can into the charity bucket. Therefore, it is likely you are going to avoid making any non-essential purchases whenever you can.

Some charity event organisers often put public liability insurance in this bracket and don’t get their event covered. As well as this, some people don’t even think to check if they will need to insure the event, and others just plainly forget. While you may think you are saving money for your charity, you could potentially cost them a fortune in the long run.

For those who don’t know, public liability insurance is a form of insurance that covers you for any losses your company may incur as a result of a member of the public taking legal action against your company due to personal injury or property damage.

You might not think that this is relevant to a charity event, but even the smallest things can end up costing you and, potentially, your charity a significant amount of money. As the organiser, the safety of the event is the responsibility of you and your charity, therefore, if a member of the public is injured or their property is damaged, it will be you (and your charity) that gets the blame.

This means that, as cruel as it may sound, they will be able to sue you for the losses they incur, and you will have to pay the fees and the compensation as a result. However, if you have public liability insurance, you will be covered for these losses, potentially saving your charity from incurring huge losses in legal fees and compensation.

Whatever the size of the charity event, it is important that you are covered by public liability insurance. Even if you are just holding a small coffee morning in a local community centre, you are just a burnt lip, a faulty chair, or a wet floor away from receiving a compensation claim. Don’t think people won’t sue a charity, either. There are many stories of charities being sued due to accidents at their events.

One report has even emerged of someone suing a charity after they slipped on wet grass, and they won because they weren’t warned that the grass would be slippery when wet. Given that it is this easy for someone to claim against you, it really isn’t worth relying on the goodwill of your visitors to not claim against your charity when they are involved in an accident.

Public liability insurance also covers you for damages to third party properties. This means that if you hire a venue to host your charity event, you will be covered if the venue decides to make a claim against you for any damages it sustains during the event.

We at advise that anyone who works with the public to get covered by public liability insurance, and because of the reasons above, charities are no exception to this. The thought of your charity losing money rather than gaining money due to an accident at your event is a sickening thought, which is why getting public liability insurance to cover it is essential.

So, while you may wince a little bit at the thought of the additional expense of insuring the event, it is worth remembering that it is a necessary expense and one you can entirely justify. It’s much better that you pay for insurance to cover the event rather than lose a fortune paying compensation to a member of the public.

The good news is that you can compare public liability insurance policies online with, helping you to easily get the best value insurance cover available and ensuring you minimise the running costs of your charity event as much as possible.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.