It’s not just a hefty fine for a driving offence which can leave you strapped for cash. Getting car insurance with a driving conviction can prove to be very expensive, not to mention difficult.

Fortunately, there are plenty of car insurance providers who still offer policies to those who have previous offences for driving.

For those who have had a recent conviction for driving, it is possible your insurance provider raises your premiums – they may even refuse to renew your policy.

What is a convicted driver?

The term “convicted driver” needn’t mean you’ve been to prison for a driving offence; it could just be a fine or some points on your licence. Most car insurance providers will still offer cover if you have been convicted of speeding, drink driving and convictions that are not related to driving.

Other providers are also open to insuring those who have been convicted for driving without a licence, dangerous driving offences and driving without car insurance.

Declaring your convictions

To receive the correct coverage, it is vital you declare any unspent convictions when you are asked by your insurer. If you fail to declare any convictions, your policy will be invalid; in turn, any claim you may need to make in the future will not be accepted.

Finding convicted driver insurance

It’s only natural that getting car insurance with driving convictions will be more difficult than it would be for a person who has no convictions. However, it is not impossible. Compare convicted driver insurance policies from a wide range of UK insurance providers at, today.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.