Technology is constantly changing, especially in the automotive world.

Once upon a time, it was a luxury to even have air conditioning in our cars. Nowadays, it’s pretty much a standard feature. Soon, other in-car technology, such as built-in sat navs and Dash Cams, will be featured in every car, as well as exciting new features to enhance our driving experience.

Today, brings you a roundup of the cool car features of the future:

Pre-installed Dash Cams

As well as being a boon to drivers, Dash Cams are also really useful for insurance companies; they record an accident happening and provide the exact proof you need to make a claim against another motorist. Plus, if your car is ever broken into, a recorded video will help your claim, providing solid evidence that you just can’t obtain, otherwise.

Most cars are likely to have pre-installed Dash Cams in the future; they offer an added element of security to every vehicle.

Reverse cameras as a standard car feature

Currently, high-end cars can be bought with rear-view cameras installed, and are an added feature which sway car users to purchase a particular model of car. However, reverse cameras are likely to become a standard car feature, since this clever technology provides drivers with added security, as well as preventing accidents.

Augmented reality dashboards

Augmented reality is becoming increasingly popular and it’s only going to get better in the future. Soon, every car’s dashboard will become even more interactive than it already is, with drivers being able to communicate with the car directly and experience other cool and interactive features.

Rooftop solar panels

In the future, we can expect solar panel-powered cars, which will be beneficial for both the environment and the driver of any vehicle. The rooftop solar panels could essentially use the energy from the car’s braking system and reuse that energy to power the vehicle. This new feature will look sleek, while also reducing air pollution.

With more car features coming into play in the future, there will be even more of a need to invest in a good car insurance policy. Compare car insurance online with, today.