Often, seeking out a new car can be as stressful as driving it. That’s why we at cuuver.com want to educate you and give you the best guidance when it comes to buying a new car.

If you’ve put up with an old, worn out second-hand runner for some time, a new car is probably top of your priority list. Taking this step seems easy enough, but then you come to asking yourself “what do I actually need to look out for when buying a new car?”, we’ve got your cuuvered.

Check out our round-up of handy tips, which will make all the difference when you’re ready to trade in your old ride for a set of brand spanking new wheels.

Is a brand new car necessary?

A new car is a luxury. It has never been driven before, which means it’s yours from the get-go and, more importantly, won’t have any issues accrued by the previous owner, which can happen when buying a second-hand car. However, it is often said that once a new car is driven out of a dealership, it devalues in price. So, consider whether you really need a brand new car, or just a car that feels like it.

Remember, that many cars that are claimed to be second-hand can actually be near enough new, but have a second-hand status because they’ve been test driven by potential customers of a car dealership.

Weigh up the pros and cons of buying a new car, look for alternative options and shop around because you may start out wanting a new car and see a second hand one, with a good vehicle history, for a quarter of the price.

Alternatively, you may be looking for a second-hand car initially and enquire about a new car, getting a steal of a price. Just make sure you assess whether you need a new car and, more importantly, you should make a point of acknowledging the different prices of insurance for the car(s) you are looking to buy.

Ask yourself “What do I need from my car?”

Make a list of what you envisage your new car to look like and what features it will have. If you’re selling your current car or trading it in for a better model, make a note of what it is that made you give it up in the first place. Perhaps, you want a built in Sat-Nav, a bigger car for the family or do so much driving that you’re looking into changing from a manual to an automatic.

Asking yourself what you need before asking what you want is crucial. Every man and his dog wants a flashy car with all the latest technology installed, but in reality, cars bought new are pricey and you need to prioritise what you need out of your new car.

Look into car efficiency

It’s important you look at a wide selection of cars and compare the price of their fuel consumption, prices of tax etc. Many cars are now prized for being eco-friendly and come with a no-tax benefit; keep your eyes peeled for little loopholes like this because new cars are inevitably pricy, so the more you can get out of your new set of wheels, the better.

Barter for a bargain

Make sure the price is right; if it isn’t, don’t be afraid to barter. New cars always have high premiums and car dealers will always try their hardest to push the pricier options, whether you’re buying the car outright or on finance. If you can’t whittle the price down, at least you can say you’ve tried; it’s always worth a try.

Sometimes you may not be able to get a price down, but added extras including a built-in SatNav, if the car doesn’t have one already, or a keyring for your new car keys can make all the difference and mean you’ve got the most for your money.

As important as getting your new car is, it’s crucial you invest in a good car insurance policy so you can drive off in your new ride as soon as possible. Compare car insurance deals online with cuuver.com, today; the price of your insurance can make a huge impact on the car you’re looking to buy.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.